Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Not a very good day. I slept badly last night after a tiring day. 

Yesterday John had a hearing test but we had to go to a bigger town 1.5 hours drive each way and I felt travel sick. We shopped and lunched. Altogether we were out for 9 hours, but I'd been up extra early too. 

Having the most annoying problem with my keyboard. Many keys sticking. I'm getting this typed by copying and pasting the worst letters. I will have to take it in, but not until next week. Meantime I just might end up using John's laptop.

Hope tomorrow goes better than today.

Sunday, June 22, 2014


This week I was invited to take part in Conversations with Jimmy Moore and co-host Dietitian Cassie. It was fun.

Surprise! The podcast has been released so I must go listen to myself. Yikes! That photo is a shocker. Bells Palsy has made a mess of my face. It's even worse when I smile.

I am a great fan of Livin La Vida , Hope you are too. This is the link to my scary photo.

So far I've had two surgeries so I can almost close my left eye. The first tightened up the lower lid. The second was an implant to my upper lid which enables me to blink. This has made a huge difference but my eye is often uncomfortable and can dry out quickly. I am scheduled to have at least one if not two plastic surgeries to pull my face straight and maybe a stitch or two to tighten the inner part of my eye so it will completely close ..... hopefully. Two and a half years and I'm a long way from being finished with doctors and surgery. I maintain that the damage to my facial nerve caused by Bells Palsy is the result stress.

I wish I had the new breath testing gadget for ketosis. I don't think I'm there yet.

Until next time.



I am shocked to see I have not been here in nearly three months.

Sadly I let things slip a bit recently so have to go back over and re-lose some weight. I'm on track again and determined to not let that slackness creep in. There have been many things going on family-wise and I find I am not as resilient as I once once. Interpret that as Stress Eating.

These questions are from Pealark on the Livin La Vida Forum.

1. What its Keto coffee? (I have decaf w/cream)
I make up a full carafe of coffee as soon as I get out of bed..... fresh ground a shake or two of cinnamon. That's somewhere around 6 large cups. While the coffee brews I prepare 30 gm, (1 ounce,) coconut oil, 50 gm, (1.7 ounces), coconut cream and 50 gm, (1.7 ounces), thick cream, (the kind you make butter with). I pour about half the coffee over this mix and whisk it up. This I sip while checking email etc. The rest I drink black and that's my coffee for the day. Most days I'm finished with coffee before mid-day. After that I drink water or herbal/fruit infusions which are so low in calories I never count them. Keto Coffee is a term coined, I think, by Dana Carpender who co-authored a little book called Fat Fast Cookbook: 50 Easy Recipes to Jump Start Your Low Carb Weight Loss [Kindle Edition]
Dana Carpender (Author), Amy Dungan (Author), Rebecca Latham (Author), Andrew DiMino (Foreword), Jimmy Moore (Foreword)

2 In my Atkins book, yogurt its specifically mentioned as something NOT allowed on induction. The sentence its something like "you can have sour cream, but not yogurt". Its yours with the "h" lower carb somehow?

Haha Smile Yogurt, or yoghurt ..... I'm a New Zealander so we use funny English/European spelling. The yoghurt I use has nearly 7 gm carb per 100 gm serving, (0.25 ounces per 3.5 ounces, or about 2 ounces carb per 18 ounces). So it's higher in carbs than I like, and when I was using it regularly meant I had to limit my veggies more than I wanted to. 

I make my yoghurt using the Easi-yo system. It's delicious and can be thick enough to use instead of sour cream or cream cheese.

I have stopped making smoothies for now because the recipe I use has whey milk powder which together with the yoghurt puts me over my self imposed carb limit.

So what am I eating this week?

Mornings ..... Keto Coffee
Lunch ......... Cheddar cheese or eggs with celery, gherkins, olives.
Dinner ......... Meat with veggies. Tonight's dinner will be roast pork including the crackling, some roast veggies such as onion, pumpkin and kumera, (sweet potato) and broccoli. 
Snacks ....... Almonds, celery, cheese.

I'm keeping things simple for me. Not counting or measuring except the ingredients for my keto coffee.I have not decided whether I intend to be in ketosis or not since all I have to measure with is ketostix, (urine testing).The proof is in my scales. As long as I am losing weight I know I'm on the right track..... for now. I'm interested in the new breath tester for ketones. You can see it advertised on Jimmy Moore's blog

Be back soon :)


Written on March 30th.

The family stuff goes on but the crisis is past. There's an aftermath to live through but we are not directly affected. I'm glad to have the sewing. Stitching by hand is so peaceful and it's satisfying my soul. It's ticking so many boxes. I have a project to distract me, it's creative and involves just enough brain power without adding extra stress and it's keeping my hands out of mischief. 

I'm making something for myself and also gifts. The time passes quickly while I listen to podcasts and I'm learning. I can also listen to audio Bible and music when I want to. The only thing I'm missing out on is getting enough exercise but that will come.

I've up-dated my weight. It's a very small loss of half a pound over the last 2 weeks but my highest weight this year was 190.5 pounds and today 4 pounds less. Hopefully the up 3 and own 2 has come to an end. It will be interesting to see how I do in April. I'm very comfortable with how I'm eating so that means No Stress!

Generally I am sleeping better. It's looking good as the calender turns over to another month tonight.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Stitching, stitching, stitching! I can see my new border working out. Heaps more work though. Then there is the quilting.

I think that I am at last seeing some weight loss just from doing what now comes naturally to me. I hope so as I don't want to go back to weighing and checking and watching macronutrient ratios. 

Last year I worked hard to lose weight. I seemed to be i a permanent stall and really the only time only lost anything significant was when I tried Fat Fasting. From November to January this year I gained 6 kg/13-14 pounds. It's been quite a mental battle to not let myself become upset by this.

I knew the gain was largely due to stress, (with a few poor food choices thrown in) ..... situations which I had no control over but none-the-less were painful.

The situations are still there. The stress is still there but I am finding ways to live with it. 

I am working toward more regular exercise. I know this is a major key.
MY food is reasonably good. I think I am in ketosis, or at least close to, most of the time. I am learning that I must do something positive about sleep. Exercise and sleep seem to go hand in hand for me so that's a bonus. I just need to be a bit more disciplined every night, not just now and then. For instance,last night I stayed up until about 1.30 am playing solitaire on my laptop. I still woke up at least an hour before sunrise which has become my normal. I need to be in bed by 10.30 pm latest.

Lack of good sleep an exercise has become a vicious circle. I intend to break this. 

Will keep some records to encourage myself.

Sunrise Walk:- 0
Cross-trainer:- 0
In My Bed:- ?


I am feeling a lot better about things today. There is nothing I can do about the situation except 'Be There' to talk with when I'm wanted.

Sleeping better again and weight beginning to drop back down. I'm stitching away at the next lap quilt top. Piecing the bits. I've made a much bigger job for myself than planned but that's OK because I'm not planning to go out anywhere for the next 10 days. 

It's good to be over the shock and disappointment of the last few days. I don't mean to be negative but I do wonder what will be next. It just seems that we do not get much time between one serious problem or another errupting.

At least I can switch off by putting in my ear buds an stitching. It has a tremendously calming affect Smile

Talking of quilting ..... Does anyone have an idea for something small I can stitch for an engagement gift? Both have been previously married.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


My turn! To be stressed out by life's happenings. It seems to me that every second blog I read the writer is dealing with some kind of family issue that is causing great emotional pain.

We had some not great family news over the weekend. I'm still processing it all and coming to terms with what is.

Couldn't sleep last night. It was close to 4 am when I finally went to bed and was awake again before 7.

This morning I could have eaten a loaf of bread and a pound of butter or even a large block of chocolate. Instead I began the day with a bubble bath and a book, because I can. I made my usual keto coffee and now I'm not hungry. 

I'll be going to bed earlier tonight. Right now I'm going to listen to a podcast or two and do some stitching. 

Dinner is in the slow cooker so no stress there.