Thursday, October 31, 2013


Thanks Sonny. New Zealand is a beautiful place to live with loads of photo ops at any moment. I'm waiting for the equinox winds to calm down so I can enjoy outdoor walks again.

Hi Karen. I'm still 2 kg or 5 lbs heavier than 6 weeks ago and it doesn't feel good. This surprises me because no-one would detect the difference since it is a tiny amount compared to the 20 kg/45 pounds I need to lose to be a more reasonable weight.

I did manage to shed another kilogram yesterday with my fat fast. I have decided to do this once a week. This is similar to the was so successful on some years ago. The main difference is that now I know I cannot eat wheat, ie ordinary bread, and fat is good. 

Lean for Life is a low carb, low fat program from the Lindora Clinics. On that plan you ate a low carb, low fat, moderate protein diet for 4 weeks followed by a slightly higher carb, non ketogenic diet for 2 weeks which was called metabolic adjustment. It was important to stay with a couple of pounds of you current weight as in maintenance. The 6 week cycle worked well for me although as I said I was still eating wheat and that became my downfall. I never fully subscribed to the low fat side as I always eat the fat on my steak and never ate low fat dairy. 

Back in the day I used keto sticks to test for urine ketones which apparently are different and not as conclusively helpful as blood ketones. The diet still worked for me but it was A Diet not a lifestyle. I don't know that the metabolic adjustment period did me much good so I'm going for the lifestyle and it is HFLC with one day a week fat fasting just as I did yesterday.

My ketones went from 0.3 in the morning to 0.9 in the evening. I am not measuring today. I know I am in ketosis and I have decided to use my ketone sticks sparingly from now on. Maybe twice a week, but that will be worked out as I go along.

I had keto coffee twice, and ate 2 HB eggs, the first mashed with butter, pepper and salt and the second chopped with celery and ranch dressing

The addition of the ranch dressing sent my calories way over my limit but the ratios were good.

Calories 1085
Carbs 1.8%; Protein; 7.9%; Fat 90.3% 

Today I will not be Fat Fasting but I am still restricting calories to under 1200.

I will give this a good go for the next month and if my weight loss remains abysmal I will possibly take out some of the fat I have added into my diet this year. I want to stay in nutritional ketosis but just maybe I am overdoing the fat since most of the time I am between 15 and 30 gm carb.

On with the tweaked plan Smile

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


No change on the scales this morning. I hope it's not going to take forever to lose the extra I gained. It's such a pain to have to re-do lost weight.

Still only 0.3 ketones. Today I am fat fasting. At least I feel strong enough to pull my head in enough to do that. 

I feel so fat. I feel as fat as I did when more than 30 kg/70 pounds heavier. I can feel the fat. This is actually a new experience for me. I have never noticed weight gain before. It was as though my brain did not register the changes. Now I am very aware. I can feel bones under the thinner layer of fat, I can feel my belly swelling or shrinking, I can see the fat deposits on my legs. It's weird that I noticed these things but had no real awareness before at any weight. For the first time I understand how a slim person feels when they complain they have gained a couple of pounds on holiday and then restrict their food until back to their 'normal' weight.

Strictly speaking we were not on holiday, just away from home. For 6 weeks I had no scales, kitchen or otherwise, and my only measure was my ketone meter which I did not use daily. I saw no point in testing and wasting expensive sticks when I knew I was not in ketosis. I am thinking I need to do something new in the way of measuring progress. I have never wanted to be bothered with a measuring tape but perhaps now is the time to get one out and keep track of my waist.

My main goal is to get some decent ketone readings. After that I will decide on my eating plan. Since I have lost so little weight this year I may need to tweak my plan even though I will be in nutritional ketosis. How I wish I had the metabolism of a 20 year old male Smile

It's too windy for me to walk outside. The wind is hard on my eye which does not blink due to Bells Palsy. I must call the Eye Clinic and get back on the surgical list for the gold implant in my eyelid. That means the old cross-trainer should be in action sometime today.

I really need to get into my flower garden too. It's so dried out and weedy I can pull most things out and start anew. It will be like having a fresh palette. Smile

So many things need my attention it is overwhelming right now. I'm going to spent the day reading and hopefully will be better motivated tomorrow. I'll start by making a list of things to work through. It always feels good to cross things off. Smile


Home Smile and so tired.Sad I seem to need a few days to re-orientate myself with every change. I couldn't even remember which switch for which heating element on the stove top. It took me four times going backwards and forwards to get the right combo. Really!!Rolleyes

John has already mowed the lawns and watered the garden. Most of the garden looks like a weed patch. I have work.

I did sleep well last night and had a long soak in the bath while listening to the Livin La Vida podcasts. So relaxing.Smile

I was determined to pull my eating together and get back into ketosis. That was to be my main focus today. I guess I'm part of the way there but although I've eaten well and been satisfied I am now munching on my second handful of almonds. That's better than opening the packet of rice crackers, is it not?Wink

I appear to have gained about 3 kg/7 lbs over the last 6 weeks. :(Not too happy about that because it means I cannot be trusted to eat freely yet.Sad I am back to mostly counting and weighing until me weight goes down again. That's okay.

AM ketones, 0.3

Nestle cappuccino with cream, bacon herbed omelet for lunch, ham and green tossed salad for dinner, almonds, 1 date, 1 mini bar of dark chocolate.

1500 calories .... higher than planned
Carbs 15.5% ....57 gm
Protein 14% .....53 gm
Fat 70.5% .....117 gm

The telling thing is how far over I went on Carbohydrates. I seem to do best when I limit to between 15 and 20 gm.

I am trying to stay positive about this. SmileI know it takes me 2 or 3 days to get my act together. It takes me at least 3 days to get into a decent level of ketosis. 'sigh!' This is the first day I've tracked my food since September 19th other than a couple of isolated days.Smile

From that point of view today was brilliant evenif i don't feel as though it was.Cool

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Hi all Smile

You are never too old to make a change. If there is any message I would like to get out it is this one. If I could I would shout it from the rooftops.

Can you tell I am feeling 100 % better than a few days ago. I am not deeply in nutritional ketosis but for the last 2 days my readings have come up to 0.4 ketones which is a 100% improvement.

Yesterday we used another coffee voucher at a place where I've been having a gluten free cup cake thingy. Yesterday I realised they also do spit-roast meats and salads etc. I found I could have 100 gm of meat for the same price as the cake. In fact the generous serve was far more like 200 gm. This kind of change meant that yesterday I had no added sugar but I did have plenty of veggies and a couple of pieces of dried fruit. I have irregular bowel habits so usually have a prune, a dried fig or a date each day.

This morning I listened to Dr Perlmutter on Ask The Experts with Jimmy Moore. Link here

There were a number of questions, some from people many years younger than I, who were concerned that it was too late to make changes. I was so glad to hear Dr. Perlmutter say, 'It's never too late.'

As a matter of interest for me Dr Perlmutter also said aerobic exercise is important for brain health. Hmmm! I need to get some of that. Is there a pill?

Dr Perlmutter's book Grain Brain is top of my want to read list.

Going to a HFLC diet was a mental challenge even though I have been advocating butter rather than any kind of margarine or oil, other than olive oil, for years. Sure I was concerned about adding so much fat to my diet especially since I have had no gallbladder for over 50 years. I had nothing to worry about. My digestion has quite possibly improved, it definitely has not deteriorated. 

Yesterday had my usual measure of keto coffee with cream and coconut oil. In the middle of the day I had a serve of plain Greek yoghurt with cod liver oil. It's ages since I did that yet at home it is my go-to middle of the day snack/meal. I had the meat late afternoon and for dinner we had stir fry chicken with more veggies than chicken all cooked in generous amounts of butter. I snacked on camembert, nuts and the dried fig. I am eating way more almonds and brazil nuts than I normally would.

Today is our final visit with our son for this trip. Tomorrow is our last day in Christchurch. We need to be hitting the road about 6 am Tuesday to catch our flight to Rotorua.

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Hi friends. I'm so tired. Guess what? I have been eating sugar and other unhelpful stuff. I've had iceream, not huge serves but icecream several times this past week.

So far today has been better. Keto coffee. tossed lettuce salad with HB egg and tonight will be another salad and steak. I'll snack on nuts and cheese. Amanda has asparagus growing and we have had several feasts. I love asparagus with butter.

Some of the tiredness is lack of proper sleep and some the weather. We get hot nor'westers here and they are unpleasantly warm, noisy and gusty. Clearly I am ready to go home and it has now become a test of endurance. I'm hoping that by eating better today I will feel more energetic tomorrow.

One thing this is teaching me is that I feel so much better when in ketosis. Even on bad day NK feels better than I do right now. It's worth persevering through just for that. I discovered that I had almost no arthritic pain when I stayed low carb. Now I am admitting to less fatigue, more mental and physical energy, more 'get up and go,' when in nutritional ketosis.

Today I really don't want to know this but it is the truth. I must pull myself together and eat and drink right for at least 48 hours to get back that good feeling.

It's never easy to pull out of this place. It's like crawling out of a deep pit. It may not be so deep but right now it looks too hard. But it must be done. One day hopefully I will stop myself before I fall in.

I have not been eating badly just letting stuff creep in and now I have work to do. Eating for nutritional ketosis has become as much about feeling good as weight loss, maybe more so.

I just hope I can get some healthy sleep as well.

Only 3 days left here in Christchurch and I want to make the most of them.

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Hi to everyone.

I'm beginning to get homesick. We've been away for nearly 5 weeks. I adore being in Christchurch but living in other people's homes is growing old fast. At least we have good internet service once more. While we were at the neighbour's house my wireless kept dropping off even when I had all the bars. It became extremely frustrating.

I have not been eating quite so well of late. There has been some very erratic eating, such as munching through more than a cup of roasted almonds. Normally I only buy natural almonds and eat 6 -10 nuts a day so this was way outside my norm. I've also eaten icecream several times this last week and added sugar to my coffee not to mention strawberries and cream with a sprinkle of raw sugar. There's been much more off 'my plan' food consumed and yet some stellar days mixed in too.

I have no idea how my weight compares with when I left home but my clothes feel about the same. And of course I am no longer in nutritional ketosis.

We moved back into our son's house over the weekend and will be here for 7 more nights. I have decided to work hard to get into ketosis ASAP and designated today to be as close to a fast as I can manage. I'm beginning the day with keto coffee. That's two cups of filter coffee laced heavily with cream, coconut cream and coconut oil. I'm not sure how this will work out but I did get about 7 hours sleep last night, after almost none for 24 hours .... don't ask because I don't have an explanation. I also have a no activities Smile planned for today except maybe a walk in this afternoon. It seems to have been a while since I had a good walk.

I am planning to do a 5 day Fat Fast once we are settled in at home next week. After that I think I will do something a little different such as on plan eating for 6 days followed by a Fat Fast day for the 3 or maybe 6 weeks. I am stll pondering on this but it must include some regular walking and stretching and resistance work.

Right now I am going to finish my coffee, kick back and read a book. Cool


It's a beautiful morning and I seem to be catching up with myself. Lay in bed for a couple of extra hours this morning without aggravating my back.

About my amazing weight loss. Most of it just fell off during the first 6 months I cut out wheat. Jimmy keeps talking about inflammation. I knew from way back when I had a fluoroscopy for GERD that I had a very irritated stomach. If only I'd been told then it was caused by wheat....

Not so easy since then but the drop in my waist and hips is significant. Since I'm not much of a regular exerciser I can only attribute it to LCHF. I have discovered I have a huge capacity to eat fat. Seems strange when I never liked greasy food although I have always been a fan of butter and cream, and the fat around beef, so now I have added in coconut oil and when I remember cod liver oil..... I've been slack on that lately.

Becoming nutritionally ketogenic has helped me trim up, even when not losing weight ...weird! I really notice now when my ketone level is low. Can't wait to get home and stay in my best eating plan. It's funny discovering I have a skeleton after so many years. Even with so much weight still to lose I can find my bones Smile

There are a few clothes I will alter but some will just lose their style too much to bother with. I will sell a few good things on Trademe... equivalent of Craig's List I think.

The addition of the jeans Amanda gave me is a real blessing. They are so tight I will be able to wear them for some time. Fortunately they are a stretch denim so I can bend over Wink They look best when I wear my suck-'m-ins as Amanda calls my slimming undies.

Yesterday I had keto coffee, no lunch, veggie soup and wedge of cheese for dinner and snacked on a hunk of roast beef, nuts and a date. I am barely in ketosis but close enough that a true fast day will get me there.

Today I am drinking keto coffee and not sure what I'll have for lunch but will eat before we go out for a drive and maybe a walk. Too gorgeous to be inside so I'm taking my coffee out on the deck and will catch up with everything internet later. Smile


It's been a good rest day.

Again I had broken sleep last night. I can't remember when I last slept a straight 7-8 hours. 

I had less coffee today although I don't think caffeine is the only reason for my poor sleep but of course it doesn't help any.

My food today was more like my usual pattern. Morning keto coffee. Lunch bacon omelet, dinner pork chop with onion, tomato and apple sauce,green beans, mashed carrot and parsnip. Snacked on nuts, camembert, chocolate and prune.

I've caught up on most of my blog reading and email but that's about it.

I'm hoping to have another quiet day at home again tomorrow. Weather typically spring with sunshine, showers and thunder. I might take a short walk tomorrow.

That's it for tonight.

If you've come to read this I'm sorry it's so boring. 

Today can be as good as we make it.



Not much to say. We have been quite busy with one thing and another. I am becoming very frustrated with our erratic and slow internet.

I'm not at all on plan but not terrible either. Will probably have a very quiet day tomorrow and work at my LCHF plan. I also need to do some writing into my Blog and catch-up posts with photos.

Right now I'm very tired. It's been a lovely day with a drive toward the snow covered mountains and some family time.

I'm not sleeping well and for some unknown reason have just had a long bout of sneezing which is most unusual for me. Maybe I will go to bed early

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Update. Yesterday was miserable. We turned on the heater and left the curtains closed. 'There was snow in them thar hills'. Still cold this morning so I had another long soak in a bubble bath. Very peaceful reading.

We've just got back from grocery shopping. I had run out of a few staples like cream and our cupboards look bare except for veggies. The soup turned out better once I added some chopped carrot and swede, (rutabaga) and it might be on tonight's menu along with a cheese muffin made with coconut and LSA flours.

I haven't checked my ketones and my weight stays the same as far as I can tell on the scales that are available.

I've just listened to [url=]this presentation[/url] on nutritional ketosis. The technical stuff tends to go over my head. I'll have to listen again. I should bookmark the sites as we have a dodgy internet here and I'm finding it very frustrating just to keep up with my regular stuff let alone watch videos.

I'm still choosing food by what I feel like and eyeballing portions. If I were home I would do a Fat Fast about now but it's just too hard here. My goal is to stay in ketosis but I'm barely managing that. My last reading was 0.6. That must have been around mid-day yesterday when all I'd had was coffee with coconut oil and cream.

There was a big bag of mushrooms in the box of veggies. I'm off to the kitchen to see if they are edible and if so tonight's tea will be bacon and mushrooms, otherwise more soup. It's almost 6 pm close to our normal tea time. Daylight saving is messing with me. I'm going to bed late and not sleeping as well as I'd like.

Today's goal is to be in bed around 9.30 pm.

There was another organised walk this evening but I'm not really up to it especially in this cold weather. The good news is that they are repeating this same walk in the park for the next two weeks as well.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Monday morning and I have a couple of small blisters and my legs are still a bit achy from two long walks in three days but otherwise I feel fine and so proud of myself for getting out and doing this. Walking has been low on my agenda since I got Bells Palsy. My left eye will not blink so becomes quite sore out in the weather in spite of good wrap-around sun glasses. I've tried all kinds of ways to shield my eye and none are comfortable enough to put up with. Yesterday the weather was perfect. A very light breeze, and warm, just a tad hot when sheltered from the breeze while we walked through the wet-lands. Pat on the back for me.

The rest of the day went well too so that's all good.

I have been taking magnesium tablets to combat cramps and they are working perfectly. Nothing worse than being woken in the middle of the night with a bad cramp.

This morning my weight remains stable! ie no loss no gain. Fasting Bood Ketones have climbed another point to 0.4 Today is mostly doing nothing, I think. My feet need to rest and I need to focus on ketogenic eating.

I have oodles of vegetables to do something with. We were given a banana box filled with veggies on their last legs by neighbours, via a charity food bank. I'm going to make buckets of soup with celery, leeks and fennel. I bought a pork hock to give some meaty flavour and will probably skin it and make some pork crackling along the way. Also have a bunch of bell peppers and egg plant, radish, spring onions, coloured chillis and something new to me.... garlic shoots. They look like slim green stalks and taste quite garlicky and spicy when fresh. They seem to loose a lot of the flavour when cooked but they will be added to the soup.

It's going to be a challenge to keep my carbs low with all these veggies around. I guess Ill be giving most of the soup away. We are supposed to be in for a cold snap in the weather ... hard to believe right now when it's so mild, so soup might go down nicely.

Determined to do the best I can today to have decent ketone numbers tomorrow. I'd love to see the number on the scales drop a bit too. Interestingly I am having a few problems with clothes that are practically brand new and don't fit because they are TOO BIG! I knew this time would come but the reality is disconcerting. Smile It's so hard to discard clothes you like when they are like new. I'm still very fat so it's not time yet to settle into maintenance. I would like to lose at least 35 more pounds. I've dropped 5 pant sizes over the last 20 months. That is amazing. 

Another interesting fact. All my adult life I have tended to need a larger hip size than on top. This has changed and I might even have wider shoulders than hips. I am slowly regaining the balance of my youth. It's such a pity that my skin and everything else suffers the ravages of old age. It's important not to get caught up in what might have been but it's also hard to know that a little knowledge when I was younger could have saved me from becoming obese. 

It's so sad that even today most people do not understand that grains, especially wheat, and sugar are seriously bad for our health and that a healthy diet has a focus on animal protein with all it's fats. I am so glad we are discovering the benefit of coconut oil too. A documentary on Coconut Oil in Samoa was illuminating. The local people had been brainwashed into thinking coconut oil was only for the poorest and of no value. Imagine that!


 Smile I'm a tiger for punishment. This morning daughter-in-law and I went on a 5.5 km fun-walk around Pegasus, a new development on the north side of Christchurch, with lake and golf course and wetlands. Nice easy paths. This was the walk I was "training" for on Friday. I needed to know I could walk 5 km. But today there was more! The car park was a long way from the registration tent and start place. I reckon we walked about 7 km, about 4.5 miles total. Tonight my hip is a bit stiff but I feel great. 

And I'm hoping to do a shorter walk on Weds in Hagley Park. It's beautiful here at the moment and it got quite hot in the middle of the day. 25'C or more (77'F) Our evening temp is a very pleasant 20'C/68'F

I am rapt that I can walk these distances.

Today I've had my normal keto coffee. Ate camembert and a few almonds on the way to our weekly prison visit. We stopped off for a cappuccino with a gluten free cake on the way home. Now it's dinner time and I am about to have stuffed mushroom .... it should be a bit like a pizza on a mushroom. Amazingly I'm not at all hungry right now but since I haven't eaten much all day I'm ready to eat. Best not to go into starvation mode.

Friday, October 4, 2013


Oh Dear indeed! I did have a good walk yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed it although I did sort of get a little lost when I missed the street I intended to walk along to give myself a walk of approximately 5.5 k. I finally found the energy to map my walk late last night. 8.2 k which converts to 5 miles. I'm a practicing couch potato most of the time so it was a bit far although it was all on the flat. On the other hand this walk was within the earthquake damaged area so I had to watch my footing most of the time.

Today my ankles ache.

Fasting blood ketones climbed by 0.1 to reach 0.3..... still a way to go to be in ketosis and my weight remains stable. I have noticed a small amount of fluid retention building up in my legs. Maybe I need to have a couple of very low carb days but it's not going to happen this weekend.

I don't have any goals today other than keeping my eating pattern as lw in carbs as possible. Tomorrow is another story and I won't be making plans until later this evening.

Right now I'm off to soak in a bubble bath and finish reading a light girly book.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Yesterday I wrote ....
(Yesterday 08:01 AM) Today's goals.

# Walk between 3 - 5 k
# Keep carbs very low
# Find ways to increase healthy fats and thus feel sated.

Oh Dear!

No walk. Just felt lazy then we went to a shopping mall where we could use a voucher for free coffee.

You just can't roll up and get a free coffee can you? I had a cake, gluten free of course, but none-the less cake, and a teaspoon of sugar in my coffee. 

Still working on increasing fat and decreasing carb.

Fasting blood ketones this morning 0.2. What else could I expect?

Yesterday I ate cake, plus keto coffee, antipasti plate with bits and pieces, steak and cabbage and carrot and onion and tomato plus small snacks including 80% chocolate, camembert and nuts and ...

Not terrible but not helpful to my goals.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Had a very good day yesterday. Shopped for more cod liver oil, my whey protein powder of choice and a few groceries. 260 odd dollars later I was wondering what happened to my budget. Slowly I am getting all my 'normal' foods into the pantry and fridge. This morning I realised we only have another 4 weeks here. The days are flying by. 

Depending on weather we are joining a fun run/walk on Sunday morning before going to the prison for our weekly visit. There is another fun run/walk in Hagley Park next Wed. I will do my best to make the most of being in this beautiful city. Sometime today I need to go out for a decent walk to make sure my legs are up to managing 5 k.

Getting back into nutritional ketosis is proving to be a bit of a challenge. Fasting blood ketones still on 0.2 If I was at home I would just do a simple fat fast for two or three days but that's not very practical at present and would just feel like added pressure. Stress is not conducive to my weight loss goals so not going there.

Talking of stress ..... I really would like to just check out and forget about everything from money to family right now. Totally impractical so I'll have to find another way to de-stress. Perhaps a good walk will help.

My weight has dropped a little so that's an improvement Smile I guess I'm still considerably more than when we left home but travelling is always a challenge for me. I'd love to lose 10 pound by the end of the month but to go home the same weight as when I left is better than gaining.

Today's goals.

# Walk between 3 - 5 k
# Keep carbs very low
# Find ways to increase healthy fats and thus feel sated.

Making the day the best I can Smile


I am totally out of ketosis. 0.2 Fasting blood ketones. I wonder how long it will take to get my readings up again. Weight seems stable if my clothes are anything to go by .... but since most are a little loose I'd probably need to gain a significant amount before I noticed the change. 

It's just as well I am in a house with no muffins.... I would have eaten a bucket load yesterday. there is plenty of junk food but not the kind of stuff I eat. Lots of fast food packets of noodles and pasta. Fortunately I'm not tempted by that kind of thing.

I watched this Ted Talk this morning and will go back to it again. Encouraging for me. Fills me with hope in our family situation. I really need to hang onto hope and build up my faith right now.

Let's see what I can do with this day to make it as good as possible Smile


Nearly 10 days gave slipped by since I last posted. I needed time out from counting and weighing and to get my head around life here.

After being so disciplined at home it's been hard to adjust to eating in someone else's house even when they have made it as simple as possible for me.

I really cannot remember what I did all last week. Of course there was the America's Cup and getting over the disappointment of losing it to the better boat and crew. Congratulations to Oracle USA.

I guess there was a little grocery shopping, some visiting, and I cooked the evening meals. Saturday we moved next door to our son and began our 3 weeks of house sitting. Getting used to using another kitchen and finding things was a bit of a challenge. I am really proud of myself because I never was comfortable in another women's kitchen. I always felt like a fish out of water. I have changed and that is all thanks to my daughter-in-law who just expects me to cope so I have and am learning to adjust.

I got hooked into reading a 4 book series on my Cloud Kindle. The first one was free and the others minimal cost. I am way behind with my usual blogging pattern and today had the worst internet connection so that I just turned my laptop off.

I almost forgot that we also had a two day trip to the West Coast which I haven't written up in my regular Blog yet. It was a great time and I was very tired the day after we got back.

We did our prison visit on Sunday and yesterday I crashed ..... poor energy and headache. I didn't even get out of my night clothes. Today was better and I am making better food choices but I am completely out of ketosis.

I started the day with keto coffee and had a mixed plate with HB egg, homemade beef sausage, olives, cheese etc for lunch. I roasted marinated drumsticks, pumpkin. carrots, potato for John and steamed silverbeet for dinner. I got hungry and snacked on cheese and 80% chocolate and nuts. I've taken to eating a couple of prunes or a date or fig each day to improve my regularity.

I need to get my head around a change in strategy while we are in Christchurch and away from my own pantry, bathroom and kitchen scales and other familiar kitchen tools.

I'll be thinking about this tonight and have a plan settled in my mind by tomorrow.

Meantime I'll catch up on my reading here as best I can.


Biting my nails to the quick. America's Cup is almost too tense for me to watch. Oracle USA has found speed they didn't have in earlier races. Not looking so good for NZ anymore Sad

We arrived in Christchurch early Saturday evening. Yesterday, Sunday I ended up in an emotional mess after a ph. call. There was a storm down here about 2 weeks ago and our son's property still had no power and his partner who lives there while he is away, wasn't well. It just became all too much for me as I thought what a miserable life Heather has right now. It's not her fault our son is in prison but she has made it almost impossible for us to offer any kind of support. Heartbreaking is putting it mildly. 

After lunch we went out for our first visit with our son this trip. Never easy and I was totally drained by day's end. I managed to keep control of my food reasonably well on a day when I could have gone crazy if there had been any carbs I could eat in the house. Drank coffee with coconut oil and coconut milk. Eggs and bacon and cheese for brunch. Munched on almonds all day and snacked on brie. We had veggie soup for dinner.

Fasting blood ketones this morning 0.6 and a small weight gain doesn't help either. I know it's a minor blip and a reflection of our general situation rather than eating badly.

Today I will have a sort of antipasto plate for lunch and we have pork chops for dinner. I also slept well so feel much better. I'm not keeping good records this week. It just gets too complicated when I'm not 100% in control of my food. It's a nice day so will go for a walk before lunch.

Tomorrow is our TranzAlpine Rail Tour to the West Coast and return the next afternoon so all food will be restaurant food until we get back here for dinner.

Hope all is well with you.