Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Update. Yesterday was miserable. We turned on the heater and left the curtains closed. 'There was snow in them thar hills'. Still cold this morning so I had another long soak in a bubble bath. Very peaceful reading.

We've just got back from grocery shopping. I had run out of a few staples like cream and our cupboards look bare except for veggies. The soup turned out better once I added some chopped carrot and swede, (rutabaga) and it might be on tonight's menu along with a cheese muffin made with coconut and LSA flours.

I haven't checked my ketones and my weight stays the same as far as I can tell on the scales that are available.

I've just listened to [url=http://www.livinlowcarbdiscussion.com/showthread.php?tid=11784]this presentation[/url] on nutritional ketosis. The technical stuff tends to go over my head. I'll have to listen again. I should bookmark the sites as we have a dodgy internet here and I'm finding it very frustrating just to keep up with my regular stuff let alone watch videos.

I'm still choosing food by what I feel like and eyeballing portions. If I were home I would do a Fat Fast about now but it's just too hard here. My goal is to stay in ketosis but I'm barely managing that. My last reading was 0.6. That must have been around mid-day yesterday when all I'd had was coffee with coconut oil and cream.

There was a big bag of mushrooms in the box of veggies. I'm off to the kitchen to see if they are edible and if so tonight's tea will be bacon and mushrooms, otherwise more soup. It's almost 6 pm close to our normal tea time. Daylight saving is messing with me. I'm going to bed late and not sleeping as well as I'd like.

Today's goal is to be in bed around 9.30 pm.

There was another organised walk this evening but I'm not really up to it especially in this cold weather. The good news is that they are repeating this same walk in the park for the next two weeks as well.

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  1. I am sure it is freezing down there in Christchurch! I hope you took lots of warm clothes!