Friday, October 4, 2013


Oh Dear indeed! I did have a good walk yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed it although I did sort of get a little lost when I missed the street I intended to walk along to give myself a walk of approximately 5.5 k. I finally found the energy to map my walk late last night. 8.2 k which converts to 5 miles. I'm a practicing couch potato most of the time so it was a bit far although it was all on the flat. On the other hand this walk was within the earthquake damaged area so I had to watch my footing most of the time.

Today my ankles ache.

Fasting blood ketones climbed by 0.1 to reach 0.3..... still a way to go to be in ketosis and my weight remains stable. I have noticed a small amount of fluid retention building up in my legs. Maybe I need to have a couple of very low carb days but it's not going to happen this weekend.

I don't have any goals today other than keeping my eating pattern as lw in carbs as possible. Tomorrow is another story and I won't be making plans until later this evening.

Right now I'm off to soak in a bubble bath and finish reading a light girly book.

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