Saturday, October 26, 2013


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You are never too old to make a change. If there is any message I would like to get out it is this one. If I could I would shout it from the rooftops.

Can you tell I am feeling 100 % better than a few days ago. I am not deeply in nutritional ketosis but for the last 2 days my readings have come up to 0.4 ketones which is a 100% improvement.

Yesterday we used another coffee voucher at a place where I've been having a gluten free cup cake thingy. Yesterday I realised they also do spit-roast meats and salads etc. I found I could have 100 gm of meat for the same price as the cake. In fact the generous serve was far more like 200 gm. This kind of change meant that yesterday I had no added sugar but I did have plenty of veggies and a couple of pieces of dried fruit. I have irregular bowel habits so usually have a prune, a dried fig or a date each day.

This morning I listened to Dr Perlmutter on Ask The Experts with Jimmy Moore. Link here

There were a number of questions, some from people many years younger than I, who were concerned that it was too late to make changes. I was so glad to hear Dr. Perlmutter say, 'It's never too late.'

As a matter of interest for me Dr Perlmutter also said aerobic exercise is important for brain health. Hmmm! I need to get some of that. Is there a pill?

Dr Perlmutter's book Grain Brain is top of my want to read list.

Going to a HFLC diet was a mental challenge even though I have been advocating butter rather than any kind of margarine or oil, other than olive oil, for years. Sure I was concerned about adding so much fat to my diet especially since I have had no gallbladder for over 50 years. I had nothing to worry about. My digestion has quite possibly improved, it definitely has not deteriorated. 

Yesterday had my usual measure of keto coffee with cream and coconut oil. In the middle of the day I had a serve of plain Greek yoghurt with cod liver oil. It's ages since I did that yet at home it is my go-to middle of the day snack/meal. I had the meat late afternoon and for dinner we had stir fry chicken with more veggies than chicken all cooked in generous amounts of butter. I snacked on camembert, nuts and the dried fig. I am eating way more almonds and brazil nuts than I normally would.

Today is our final visit with our son for this trip. Tomorrow is our last day in Christchurch. We need to be hitting the road about 6 am Tuesday to catch our flight to Rotorua.

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