Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Nearly 10 days gave slipped by since I last posted. I needed time out from counting and weighing and to get my head around life here.

After being so disciplined at home it's been hard to adjust to eating in someone else's house even when they have made it as simple as possible for me.

I really cannot remember what I did all last week. Of course there was the America's Cup and getting over the disappointment of losing it to the better boat and crew. Congratulations to Oracle USA.

I guess there was a little grocery shopping, some visiting, and I cooked the evening meals. Saturday we moved next door to our son and began our 3 weeks of house sitting. Getting used to using another kitchen and finding things was a bit of a challenge. I am really proud of myself because I never was comfortable in another women's kitchen. I always felt like a fish out of water. I have changed and that is all thanks to my daughter-in-law who just expects me to cope so I have and am learning to adjust.

I got hooked into reading a 4 book series on my Cloud Kindle. The first one was free and the others minimal cost. I am way behind with my usual blogging pattern and today had the worst internet connection so that I just turned my laptop off.

I almost forgot that we also had a two day trip to the West Coast which I haven't written up in my regular Blog yet. It was a great time and I was very tired the day after we got back.

We did our prison visit on Sunday and yesterday I crashed ..... poor energy and headache. I didn't even get out of my night clothes. Today was better and I am making better food choices but I am completely out of ketosis.

I started the day with keto coffee and had a mixed plate with HB egg, homemade beef sausage, olives, cheese etc for lunch. I roasted marinated drumsticks, pumpkin. carrots, potato for John and steamed silverbeet for dinner. I got hungry and snacked on cheese and 80% chocolate and nuts. I've taken to eating a couple of prunes or a date or fig each day to improve my regularity.

I need to get my head around a change in strategy while we are in Christchurch and away from my own pantry, bathroom and kitchen scales and other familiar kitchen tools.

I'll be thinking about this tonight and have a plan settled in my mind by tomorrow.

Meantime I'll catch up on my reading here as best I can.

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