Sunday, October 20, 2013


It's a beautiful morning and I seem to be catching up with myself. Lay in bed for a couple of extra hours this morning without aggravating my back.

About my amazing weight loss. Most of it just fell off during the first 6 months I cut out wheat. Jimmy keeps talking about inflammation. I knew from way back when I had a fluoroscopy for GERD that I had a very irritated stomach. If only I'd been told then it was caused by wheat....

Not so easy since then but the drop in my waist and hips is significant. Since I'm not much of a regular exerciser I can only attribute it to LCHF. I have discovered I have a huge capacity to eat fat. Seems strange when I never liked greasy food although I have always been a fan of butter and cream, and the fat around beef, so now I have added in coconut oil and when I remember cod liver oil..... I've been slack on that lately.

Becoming nutritionally ketogenic has helped me trim up, even when not losing weight ...weird! I really notice now when my ketone level is low. Can't wait to get home and stay in my best eating plan. It's funny discovering I have a skeleton after so many years. Even with so much weight still to lose I can find my bones Smile

There are a few clothes I will alter but some will just lose their style too much to bother with. I will sell a few good things on Trademe... equivalent of Craig's List I think.

The addition of the jeans Amanda gave me is a real blessing. They are so tight I will be able to wear them for some time. Fortunately they are a stretch denim so I can bend over Wink They look best when I wear my suck-'m-ins as Amanda calls my slimming undies.

Yesterday I had keto coffee, no lunch, veggie soup and wedge of cheese for dinner and snacked on a hunk of roast beef, nuts and a date. I am barely in ketosis but close enough that a true fast day will get me there.

Today I am drinking keto coffee and not sure what I'll have for lunch but will eat before we go out for a drive and maybe a walk. Too gorgeous to be inside so I'm taking my coffee out on the deck and will catch up with everything internet later. Smile

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