Sunday, October 6, 2013


Monday morning and I have a couple of small blisters and my legs are still a bit achy from two long walks in three days but otherwise I feel fine and so proud of myself for getting out and doing this. Walking has been low on my agenda since I got Bells Palsy. My left eye will not blink so becomes quite sore out in the weather in spite of good wrap-around sun glasses. I've tried all kinds of ways to shield my eye and none are comfortable enough to put up with. Yesterday the weather was perfect. A very light breeze, and warm, just a tad hot when sheltered from the breeze while we walked through the wet-lands. Pat on the back for me.

The rest of the day went well too so that's all good.

I have been taking magnesium tablets to combat cramps and they are working perfectly. Nothing worse than being woken in the middle of the night with a bad cramp.

This morning my weight remains stable! ie no loss no gain. Fasting Bood Ketones have climbed another point to 0.4 Today is mostly doing nothing, I think. My feet need to rest and I need to focus on ketogenic eating.

I have oodles of vegetables to do something with. We were given a banana box filled with veggies on their last legs by neighbours, via a charity food bank. I'm going to make buckets of soup with celery, leeks and fennel. I bought a pork hock to give some meaty flavour and will probably skin it and make some pork crackling along the way. Also have a bunch of bell peppers and egg plant, radish, spring onions, coloured chillis and something new to me.... garlic shoots. They look like slim green stalks and taste quite garlicky and spicy when fresh. They seem to loose a lot of the flavour when cooked but they will be added to the soup.

It's going to be a challenge to keep my carbs low with all these veggies around. I guess Ill be giving most of the soup away. We are supposed to be in for a cold snap in the weather ... hard to believe right now when it's so mild, so soup might go down nicely.

Determined to do the best I can today to have decent ketone numbers tomorrow. I'd love to see the number on the scales drop a bit too. Interestingly I am having a few problems with clothes that are practically brand new and don't fit because they are TOO BIG! I knew this time would come but the reality is disconcerting. Smile It's so hard to discard clothes you like when they are like new. I'm still very fat so it's not time yet to settle into maintenance. I would like to lose at least 35 more pounds. I've dropped 5 pant sizes over the last 20 months. That is amazing. 

Another interesting fact. All my adult life I have tended to need a larger hip size than on top. This has changed and I might even have wider shoulders than hips. I am slowly regaining the balance of my youth. It's such a pity that my skin and everything else suffers the ravages of old age. It's important not to get caught up in what might have been but it's also hard to know that a little knowledge when I was younger could have saved me from becoming obese. 

It's so sad that even today most people do not understand that grains, especially wheat, and sugar are seriously bad for our health and that a healthy diet has a focus on animal protein with all it's fats. I am so glad we are discovering the benefit of coconut oil too. A documentary on Coconut Oil in Samoa was illuminating. The local people had been brainwashed into thinking coconut oil was only for the poorest and of no value. Imagine that!

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