Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Biting my nails to the quick. America's Cup is almost too tense for me to watch. Oracle USA has found speed they didn't have in earlier races. Not looking so good for NZ anymore Sad

We arrived in Christchurch early Saturday evening. Yesterday, Sunday I ended up in an emotional mess after a ph. call. There was a storm down here about 2 weeks ago and our son's property still had no power and his partner who lives there while he is away, wasn't well. It just became all too much for me as I thought what a miserable life Heather has right now. It's not her fault our son is in prison but she has made it almost impossible for us to offer any kind of support. Heartbreaking is putting it mildly. 

After lunch we went out for our first visit with our son this trip. Never easy and I was totally drained by day's end. I managed to keep control of my food reasonably well on a day when I could have gone crazy if there had been any carbs I could eat in the house. Drank coffee with coconut oil and coconut milk. Eggs and bacon and cheese for brunch. Munched on almonds all day and snacked on brie. We had veggie soup for dinner.

Fasting blood ketones this morning 0.6 and a small weight gain doesn't help either. I know it's a minor blip and a reflection of our general situation rather than eating badly.

Today I will have a sort of antipasto plate for lunch and we have pork chops for dinner. I also slept well so feel much better. I'm not keeping good records this week. It just gets too complicated when I'm not 100% in control of my food. It's a nice day so will go for a walk before lunch.

Tomorrow is our TranzAlpine Rail Tour to the West Coast and return the next afternoon so all food will be restaurant food until we get back here for dinner.

Hope all is well with you.

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