Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Yesterday a reader left a comment about her nails. Sonny wrote this ....   'I had to giggle.. because I have yellow on my nails!!!!!! Last week I painted them Plum...and my one pinky Turquoise. my hubs said what's with that Turquoise nail.. I said that is my designer nail!!!!!' I replied so here is today's update.

 Hi Sonny. Hmmm! I have not been a fan of  'different' colours on my nails either in terms of getting away from pinks and reds or having individual nails different. But I'm thinking that once I get myself into a pattern of caring for my nails that might be a fun solution when one nail only needs re-doing. Oh Boy! I'll have rainbow hands before I know it Smile I seem to be growing more adventurous with every year. Is this called growing older gracefully?

Batteries all replaced. My weight is stable! Is that the name of the game?

Fasting blood ketones 1.1

There may be a reason for that drop ..... I did an extra test yesterday afternoon and got 3.2 and that was a couple of hours following my smoothie which is fairly rich in carbs as well as protein compared with my daily target.

Calories 1350 (200 more than my plan)

Ratios 9% C: 19.5% P: 71.5% F

I seemed to have a drop in energy yesterday, maybe from lack of sleep, worry, whatever. Instead of staying firm with myself I ate an extra serve of cabbage with my dinner and my servings were large as well. Then I snacked on more almonds and macadamia nuts than I would usually have.

I do fine when I stay withing my target range but there is a small problem. It is so narrow that if I deviate I stop all weight loss. I suppose you would call this a restrictive diet but on most days I am very comfortable with it. It's just that it doesn't work so well on days I want more flexibility Sad

John is waiting for me to finish here so he can do the floors and I do need to pack so catch you all later.

Yay! We won another America's Cup race. One more race to win and we can bring the cup back home until the next competition for it. It seems that all New Zealand stops to help our sailors on their way.

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