Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I am doing well and determined to hang on through the coming weeks when I will be challenged in every way. I'm making the most of our last few days without Stress.

(09-15-2013 07:22 AM)MargieAnne Wrote:  I was thinking I may not pop in daily from now on because it looks as though it might get boring ...... but I may need this for myself for a while yet. Same goes for testing blood ketones. My testing strips cost about $12 week and I am certainly thinking that daily is a bit OT but it has become part of my morning routine and a bit of a crutch as well. Just like the scales. I like numbers. Duh!

Murphy read it too!

This morning the scales and my ketone reader have a flat batteries.Sad And we have no spares. It has taken me at least half an hour to re-organise my head.

The America's Cup has been postponed Sad I'm in withdrawal on 3 fronts), Thank-goodness I decided against going coffee free today.

Yesterday went well. I was surprised how well my Green Smoothie froze overnight and thawed again during the morning and was still good to drink. Now I know I can do this whenever I am away from home through the middle of the day and don't want to go to a restaurant.

I intended getting a snapshot of my new hairdo and it will also make a reasonable record of going through the 80 kg barrier. Somehow I forgot. I'm not very clever with my hair so when I do get my up-date photo it won't look quite as good. I'm delighted with my hair. We decided on asymmetrical with the longer hair on the Bells Palsy side. I have a full blond streak and lots of lovely violet and plum bits. Gone is boring Smile With my eyebrows reshaped and my toenails painted Light Bulb Fuschia I'm good to go. Didn't get my fingernails painted this time because I seem to be very hard on the polish and no matter how much care Gemma takes with the application and how hard I try to take care of my nails they are usually chipped and ugly within a couple of days. I need to practice doing them myself then I can re-do as often as they chip. So that's the beauty news.

Yesterday I started the day with Keto Coffee, and had a cappuccino mid-morning. While at the hairdresser I had a tall glass of chilled water with a slice of lime and my smoothie. I snacked on a piece of Camembert when we got home and dinner was stewed beef with a stir-fry of cabbage and celery.

I'm not certain exactly what I ate but this is close.

1064 calories ..... 6% C:23% P:67% F

Now we have two days at home and today is freezing, what we call a black frost. The night was clear, the sunrise promising but before the sun reached us misty clouds blotted it out. Rolleyes This is just about the coldest I've been all winter. Instead of getting on with chores in preparation for closing the house for 7 weeks I am huddled in a rug in front of the heater. I'll warm up soon when I get on the cross-trainer.

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  1. How about a photo of your new hairdo? It's a gorgeous day here today!