Monday, September 9, 2013


I have done a lot of thinking and checking back in my records. It would seem that at the beginning of August, before I messed up by hurting my back, I was on a roll. My ketones were often over 2, (I think ideal is 1.5-3), and even the odd day eating more food seemed to be OK. I also hit my lowest weight since ...... history began.Wink

I am determined to test being in nutritional ketosis properly and I don't think I have done that as yet. 

We are low on groceries today and since I have an appointment with the chiropractor on Thursday, 2 days time, we will shop then and it will only be essentials to get us through to the 21st when we fly to Christchurch for 6 weeks away.

I'm back on a Fat Fast for the next 3-5 days depending on how I feel.

I have added in a significant amount of exercise. I still cannot walk or ride my bike outside because of the cold wind. It messes too much with the eye I cannot close thanks to Bells Palsy. Instead I am using my cross-trainer, (similar to an elliptical I think), for 30 minutes in the morning. I will go outside if the weather allows later in the day. I am also going to do some stretching exercises. I have a set that takes me all of 30 minutes and because I've been so slack about any kind of exercise they will test me and leave me feeling as though that is enough. Last time I tried to do them it was too much every day so I'll see how I go. My goal is every 2nd day or better.

Although exercise is only 20% of weight loss that is still significant and more so when one considers general health.

I feel as though all this messing around is setting me up for yo-yo dieting but the goal is to find that sweet place where I feel good and the weight is dropping off no matter how slowly.

I will be happy if I can go under 80 kg/176 lbs before we leave for Christchurch but I will not be upset if that does not happen. I do have the rest of my life to get healthySmile

This is another lengthy up-date but I want to keep records here of how I feel and think along the way Cool

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