Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I'm happy again. I think I'm beginning to find a more or less permanent solution to the best way to live and stay in nutritional ketosis. I certainly hope so because I don't want to spend the rest of my life experimenting or tripping in and out of ketosis.

Fasting Blood ketones today 0.8. Not quite to my target but slowly increasing again.

Yesterday I ate around 1150 calories and that is beginning to feel comfortable for everyday at home. I can see the time coming when I will not need to measure and record in so much detail. Yay! Cool

My ratio was close to my target 5% fat:20% protein:75 %fat
I managed 7:17:75

I am also got in my 3rd day in a row of deliberate exercise and was very pleased with myself. 30 minutes on the cross-trainer and about 30 minutes doing stretching and flexibility. Today I will add in about 30 minutes strength and depending on how I feel it could be instead of the stretching.

Obviously I'm feeling good about myself and life in general once more.

No more tweaking for at least 7 days and I'll be able to see if I am finding my sweet place Smile

I've had some bone broth simmering away for nearly 2 days in the crock pot. Time to strain and store it. I think it's going to taste OK but I will use it like stock and make pumpkin soup with some of it at least. I used a bacon hock, saved the meat once it was ready to come of the bone and that's for tonight's tea. I had no celery so only carrots, onion, garlic, pepper, a teaspoon of mixed pickling spices and a bunch of fresh herbs including sage and mint and rosemary and of course vinegar. It has a thick layer of fat from the hock and I left the skin in too.

My food is beginning to look like a Paleo Nut. Smile

Time for coffee and I have an important letter to write, print and mail this morning.

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