Saturday, September 7, 2013


Before I update.... I submitted a question to Jimmy Moore for his Ask The Experts podcast with Dr. Paul Radston My question was the first one. I've listened to many of Jimmy's podcasts and decided not to go into too much detail but clearly I could have given them better details. I'm happy with the answer and will listen again to the whole later. 

Missed another day here. Is that the slippery slide?

Could be but....... I chose to take a day off. I didn't eat too badly but my carbs were way higher than normal. I had cocoa drink made with coconut oil and milk and I sweetened it with sugar followed by a weird breakfast of left-over cabbage with bacon. Lunch drifted on and on with me snacking on camembert, rice crackers or wafers, and almonds. For dinner we had steak, mushrooms stir fried with onion and a mash of kumera, (sweet potato), potato and carrot. I snacked on more almonds and a mini dark chocolate bar.

We were shifting back home and for some reason my power plug was off. I felt so sluggish it was no joke and I also seemed to have a cold coming on ... or something had tickled up my sinuses.

One night in my own bed and I do feel a lot better this morning although my weight is way up again and my ketones ..... I'm almost afraid to lookSmile Be brave.... 0.3 which means I am not in nutritional ketosis.

Just for kicks I checked my blood pressure. Now I'm happy again. 121/72 That may not look good to some people but I've been off all meds for months and this is better than when I was on meds.

I have begun today well with my usual keto or coconut oil and milk coffee and a 30 minute session on the cross-trainer.

I'm hoping the weather will improve so I can go for a bike ride. This time two weeks we will be in Christchurch getting ready to go on our trip and the bike ride on the I'm not sure we can last more than 5 minutes on our bikes right now.

We are watching the America's Cup this morning. How I wish we were in San Francisco this week but..... TV does give us some wonderful views of the Bay and we get a great perspective on the race. this first race is nail biting. 

It is good to be home in our own environment.

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