Thursday, September 5, 2013


Wow! How the days fly by. I missed updating yesterday.

It's another gorgeous morning to sit on the deck and this will be the last time I can do so until we are, hopefully, asked to Kitty-sit again next year.

My weight is slowly heading down again and this is real weight loss, not manipulated by being on a "Fat Fast" I think my body is co-operating in a way it hasn't for some time so perhaps all the days of Fat Fasting have helped.

I'm still keeping an eye on calories and macro-nutrient ratios but not as closely as last month.

I suspect I have a very low tolerance of carbohydrates still. 

Wednesday I had about 1260 calories 
7% carb:24% protein:79% fat

I was very satisfied with a bacon omelet for breakfast, pumpkin soup with sour cream for lunch and snacked on cold roast beef, camembert, olives, pepperoni and almonds.

Yesterday I ate possibly 1200 calories.
9.5% Carbs: 16% Protein: 75% Fat.

I could have eaten more carbs than ideal.

I had my usual Keto/coconut coffee in the morning, 2 cheesy coconut flour muffins, lamb heart casserole, (stew), for dinner with cabbage and a snack of celery with creamy blue vein cheese.

I really felt as though I'd eaten too much dinner.

Today my fasting blood ketones have dropped back to 0.4 but my weight dropped 400 gm or nearly 1 pound. There's still a way to go, (1.5 kg/3.3 lbs), to my lowest low of 80.2 kg/176.4 lbs which I last saw a month ago just before I hurt my back (falling) getting off a bike I am learning to ride.

I thought my coffee needed to be sweeter this morning. That's a sure sign I ate too many carbohydrates yesterday. My guestimate is something like 45 gm. No wonder my Blood ketones were a bit too low.

I did not add sweetener because I never do and it really is OK.

This is a wake up call to be a lot more careful regarding carbs. It's too easy to exceed the optimal amount to stay in ketosis. It just is not worth it when it can take days to get back into the optimal place again. 

So that's my up-date and now to get some sunshine.Smile

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