Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Yesterday a reader left a comment about her nails. Sonny wrote this ....   'I had to giggle.. because I have yellow on my nails!!!!!! Last week I painted them Plum...and my one pinky Turquoise. my hubs said what's with that Turquoise nail.. I said that is my designer nail!!!!!' I replied so here is today's update.

 Hi Sonny. Hmmm! I have not been a fan of  'different' colours on my nails either in terms of getting away from pinks and reds or having individual nails different. But I'm thinking that once I get myself into a pattern of caring for my nails that might be a fun solution when one nail only needs re-doing. Oh Boy! I'll have rainbow hands before I know it Smile I seem to be growing more adventurous with every year. Is this called growing older gracefully?

Batteries all replaced. My weight is stable! Is that the name of the game?

Fasting blood ketones 1.1

There may be a reason for that drop ..... I did an extra test yesterday afternoon and got 3.2 and that was a couple of hours following my smoothie which is fairly rich in carbs as well as protein compared with my daily target.

Calories 1350 (200 more than my plan)

Ratios 9% C: 19.5% P: 71.5% F

I seemed to have a drop in energy yesterday, maybe from lack of sleep, worry, whatever. Instead of staying firm with myself I ate an extra serve of cabbage with my dinner and my servings were large as well. Then I snacked on more almonds and macadamia nuts than I would usually have.

I do fine when I stay withing my target range but there is a small problem. It is so narrow that if I deviate I stop all weight loss. I suppose you would call this a restrictive diet but on most days I am very comfortable with it. It's just that it doesn't work so well on days I want more flexibility Sad

John is waiting for me to finish here so he can do the floors and I do need to pack so catch you all later.

Yay! We won another America's Cup race. One more race to win and we can bring the cup back home until the next competition for it. It seems that all New Zealand stops to help our sailors on their way.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I am doing well and determined to hang on through the coming weeks when I will be challenged in every way. I'm making the most of our last few days without Stress.

(09-15-2013 07:22 AM)MargieAnne Wrote:  I was thinking I may not pop in daily from now on because it looks as though it might get boring ...... but I may need this for myself for a while yet. Same goes for testing blood ketones. My testing strips cost about $12 week and I am certainly thinking that daily is a bit OT but it has become part of my morning routine and a bit of a crutch as well. Just like the scales. I like numbers. Duh!

Murphy read it too!

This morning the scales and my ketone reader have a flat batteries.Sad And we have no spares. It has taken me at least half an hour to re-organise my head.

The America's Cup has been postponed Sad I'm in withdrawal on 3 fronts), Thank-goodness I decided against going coffee free today.

Yesterday went well. I was surprised how well my Green Smoothie froze overnight and thawed again during the morning and was still good to drink. Now I know I can do this whenever I am away from home through the middle of the day and don't want to go to a restaurant.

I intended getting a snapshot of my new hairdo and it will also make a reasonable record of going through the 80 kg barrier. Somehow I forgot. I'm not very clever with my hair so when I do get my up-date photo it won't look quite as good. I'm delighted with my hair. We decided on asymmetrical with the longer hair on the Bells Palsy side. I have a full blond streak and lots of lovely violet and plum bits. Gone is boring Smile With my eyebrows reshaped and my toenails painted Light Bulb Fuschia I'm good to go. Didn't get my fingernails painted this time because I seem to be very hard on the polish and no matter how much care Gemma takes with the application and how hard I try to take care of my nails they are usually chipped and ugly within a couple of days. I need to practice doing them myself then I can re-do as often as they chip. So that's the beauty news.

Yesterday I started the day with Keto Coffee, and had a cappuccino mid-morning. While at the hairdresser I had a tall glass of chilled water with a slice of lime and my smoothie. I snacked on a piece of Camembert when we got home and dinner was stewed beef with a stir-fry of cabbage and celery.

I'm not certain exactly what I ate but this is close.

1064 calories ..... 6% C:23% P:67% F

Now we have two days at home and today is freezing, what we call a black frost. The night was clear, the sunrise promising but before the sun reached us misty clouds blotted it out. Rolleyes This is just about the coldest I've been all winter. Instead of getting on with chores in preparation for closing the house for 7 weeks I am huddled in a rug in front of the heater. I'll warm up soon when I get on the cross-trainer.

Monday, September 16, 2013


Still feeling good.

Have a busy day ahead, at least until late afternoon but it's all fun!

9.30 am Chiropractor, last time for 7 weeks.

10 am coffee at Cogill Café with daughter

11 am Coastal Sanctuary The friend we were Kitty-sitting for is also my hairdresser so I get a free style and colour today and she is an artiste. Looking forward to this as I think it might be a day to experiment.

1.30 pm after my hair is done i will have my eyebrows shaped and my nails shaped and painted. Pretty Me Cool

3 pm top up groceries and home. There is a beef casserole, (stew) in the slow cooker for dinner. I made an extra Green Smoothie yesterday and froze it to take with me for lunch today. All organised to stay on track.

Weighed myself this morning and I am getting closer to breaking through to the 70s in kilograms. Last time I said that I twisted my back getting off the bike and messed things up for four weeks. It was mostly the body reaction to pain and shock. Thank-goodness that's better.

Today BF ketones 1.9
Weight 80.5 kg/177 lbs
yesterday's calories 1175
6.5%C: 20%P: 73.5%F

30 minutes on cross-trainer

And that's me for another day Smile

To all who drop in make today the very best day possible in whatever your circumstances may be.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


It seems that I may be doing something right. I'm satisfied with my food and menus. I'm doing some exercise everyday. I'm in nutritional ketosis and I'm losing weight but not great gobs of it. I am relaxed about what I'm doing and life in general. Smile

The last four days my ketones have ranged between 1.9 and 2.4 with today's being 2.1. I do seem to be quite sensitive to carbohydrates with a small drop in ketones everytime I eat my pumpkin soup even when it is only a small serve like 3/4 of a mugful.

Yesterday's stats

Calories 1035 ... a bit lower than I intended but why eat when not hungry?

That's only 33 gm carb and not enough to stop ketosis but it does lower it slightly. Considering I have never been diabetic and my blood sugars have always been pretty good this carb thing amazes me. No wonder I gained weight whenever I was not restricting carbs.

My weight is slightly down again at 80.9 kg/178 pounds. I've been bouncing around in this same area give and take 2 kg for a weeks now but ..... I feel more positive that I have found the place where the general trend is down providing I persist.

I was thinking I may not pop in daily from now on because it looks as though it might get boring ...... but I may need this for myself for a while yet. Same goes for testing blood ketones. My testing strips cost about $12 week and I am certainly thinking that daily is a bit OT but it has become part of my morning routine and a bit of a crutch as well. Just like the scales. I like numbers. Duh!

From next Saturday to the following Saturday my plan will be challenged in every way possible. It will be interesting to see how I manage. There is various travelling, changing houses twice, adjusting to shopping in a different town and so much more. From now until the beginning of November we will be out of our normal pattern Fun but not sure I am ready for this challenge.

Friday, September 13, 2013


Smile The joy continues.

I was amazed yesterday when I completed 30 minutes on the cross-trainer followed straight off by about another hour of strength and stretch exercises. I know that this is not what many people here advocate but I am a 75 year old woman who is a couch potato much of the time. There is no way I am going to do some of the fancy and intensive stuff. HIIT I think some call it. Doing stuff at my pace is better than nothing and I have great stamina at lower intensity. That is my strength. It's years since I did anything continuous for that length of time, except shopping, walking or gardening.

Last night I had pumpkin soup with an almost grain-free cheese muffin, and blew out my carbohydrates. Grrr!

1190 calories

11.5% C(34 gm my target is less than 14 gm): 16.5%P: 72%:F

Today's fasting blood ketones 1.9 so no lasting harm done.

Today is going equally well so far. Now for my green smoothie for lunch.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Smile I'm rapt. I have dropped another 0.5 kg or one pound since yesterday morning. My fasting Blood Ketones have reached 2.2

I feel very comfortable about my food and I am so hoping I have reached the place where I can sustain and enjoy this LCHF life. My goal is to eye ball measurements and test ketones weekly.

My targets are 1150 calories from 5% carb:20% protein:75 %fat.

My actual was 1180 calories from 6.4% fat: 17.8% protein:75.8 %fat

I had Keto coffee for breakfast
2 HB eggs middle of the day.
Celery and creamy blue vein cheese when we got home from shopping mid afternoon.
Green smoothie at dinner time 
A peanut choc fat bomb for supper.

The green smoothie is a small tweak to get in a few more leafy veggies.

I whizz together until completely smooth
100 gm home made plain Greek yoghurt
50 gm whipping cream
15 ml cod liver oil
50 gm frozen mixed berries... any variation on boysenberries, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries
30-50 gm baby spinach
2 scoops of whey protein powder
enough cold water to make it drinkable with a straw.

It was delicious. I find this the best way to get my COL and it is completely satisfying in every way. I have always found that I tend to lose weight more easily when I have a similar smoothie most days.

Today I added another small tweak. I've been reading about adding gelatine to food, especially drinks but wasn't sure the gelatine we get here would be suitable. Today I found out. I feel quite safe with this because almost all beef in NZ is grass fed from birth to slaughter. I never tasted it in my coffee at all.

There is a recipe for panna cotta on the packet. I'm looking forward to trying it out as my 'go-to' dessert. Of course the recipe has sugar but I can adjust that by using stevia or even a scoop of my whey protein powder which is sweetened to just the right degree with stevia.

Today I have roasted pumpkin soup to make and either cheese, (coconut), muffins or fat bread to make. we do not starve in this house Smile

America's Cup is closer to becoming New Zealand's Smile So exciting for us.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I'm happy again. I think I'm beginning to find a more or less permanent solution to the best way to live and stay in nutritional ketosis. I certainly hope so because I don't want to spend the rest of my life experimenting or tripping in and out of ketosis.

Fasting Blood ketones today 0.8. Not quite to my target but slowly increasing again.

Yesterday I ate around 1150 calories and that is beginning to feel comfortable for everyday at home. I can see the time coming when I will not need to measure and record in so much detail. Yay! Cool

My ratio was close to my target 5% fat:20% protein:75 %fat
I managed 7:17:75

I am also got in my 3rd day in a row of deliberate exercise and was very pleased with myself. 30 minutes on the cross-trainer and about 30 minutes doing stretching and flexibility. Today I will add in about 30 minutes strength and depending on how I feel it could be instead of the stretching.

Obviously I'm feeling good about myself and life in general once more.

No more tweaking for at least 7 days and I'll be able to see if I am finding my sweet place Smile

I've had some bone broth simmering away for nearly 2 days in the crock pot. Time to strain and store it. I think it's going to taste OK but I will use it like stock and make pumpkin soup with some of it at least. I used a bacon hock, saved the meat once it was ready to come of the bone and that's for tonight's tea. I had no celery so only carrots, onion, garlic, pepper, a teaspoon of mixed pickling spices and a bunch of fresh herbs including sage and mint and rosemary and of course vinegar. It has a thick layer of fat from the hock and I left the skin in too.

My food is beginning to look like a Paleo Nut. Smile

Time for coffee and I have an important letter to write, print and mail this morning.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Smile Good news. 
ketones have come up from 0.2 to 0.6. With all the reading I've done I did not expect my ketones to rise quite this quickly. I guess that means I am becoming keto or fat adapted.

Along with that my weight has dropped 1kg or 2 pound in the last two days so maybe I can reach my goal of less than 80 kg before we leave for Christchurch. 

I suspect I'm becoming too obsessed by the scales. I will go through the mental adjustment when we get to Chch without my scales. Maybe it's time I bought a pair of jeans that are too small for me right now. I have a pair but they are so tiny they are probably designed for teenagers.

Yesterday I kept my calories at 1150 which might be more realistic than 1000 for me. 

Ratios 6% Carb: 19% Protein: 75% Fat

I have also managed to get in 30 minutes on the cross-trainer for 3 days in a row. I did get up with a headache today but I think it is the change in weather. We are on the edge of a storm which hopefully will not cross the hills.

I'm comfortable with this so no change today.

Monday, September 9, 2013


I have done a lot of thinking and checking back in my records. It would seem that at the beginning of August, before I messed up by hurting my back, I was on a roll. My ketones were often over 2, (I think ideal is 1.5-3), and even the odd day eating more food seemed to be OK. I also hit my lowest weight since ...... history began.Wink

I am determined to test being in nutritional ketosis properly and I don't think I have done that as yet. 

We are low on groceries today and since I have an appointment with the chiropractor on Thursday, 2 days time, we will shop then and it will only be essentials to get us through to the 21st when we fly to Christchurch for 6 weeks away.

I'm back on a Fat Fast for the next 3-5 days depending on how I feel.

I have added in a significant amount of exercise. I still cannot walk or ride my bike outside because of the cold wind. It messes too much with the eye I cannot close thanks to Bells Palsy. Instead I am using my cross-trainer, (similar to an elliptical I think), for 30 minutes in the morning. I will go outside if the weather allows later in the day. I am also going to do some stretching exercises. I have a set that takes me all of 30 minutes and because I've been so slack about any kind of exercise they will test me and leave me feeling as though that is enough. Last time I tried to do them it was too much every day so I'll see how I go. My goal is every 2nd day or better.

Although exercise is only 20% of weight loss that is still significant and more so when one considers general health.

I feel as though all this messing around is setting me up for yo-yo dieting but the goal is to find that sweet place where I feel good and the weight is dropping off no matter how slowly.

I will be happy if I can go under 80 kg/176 lbs before we leave for Christchurch but I will not be upset if that does not happen. I do have the rest of my life to get healthySmile

This is another lengthy up-date but I want to keep records here of how I feel and think along the way Cool

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Sad Completely out of ketosis. Grrr!

This morning fasting blood ketones were 0.3

I'm eating more food and my carbohydrates have been over my 20 gm ceiling for a few days now. It's hard to know what to do. Fat fasting cannot be a permanent way to eat.... it just is not healthy to do that. What's more I am hungry. Funny that I didn't feel hungry while eating barely 1000 calories a day but I did miss vegetables. Now I can feel hungry on 1500.

Today is similar to yesterday. Keto coffee. A smoothie made at home with berries, cream, yoghurt, and whey powder with CLO. Lettuce and tomato with cold pork tonight from last night's roast. Last night I had silverbeet, (swiss chard), and snacked on cheese, almonds and a peanut choc bomb. Today I had an HB egg rather than an egg. I am keen to see if I have dialed back the carbs enough to improve ketones.

It was definitely easier for me to control my portions when I was keeping to 1000 calories a day. I have relaxed and become tired of all the measuring but the results are not so good.

In my whole life I have never found it so hard to lose weight as it has become in this last year. I'll continue working out the best routine for me to follow this month and October. I need to be tougher on the carbohydrates. I will focus on being in ketosis... hope it doesn't take too long to get back into an ideal state.

We are going to be away from home from September 21st to the end of October. I had hoped to be in a stable weight loss situation before we left. Right now I'm still going up and down over the same 3 kg/7 lbs.

If I'm still struggling at the end of October I am not at all sure what I'll do for the last two months of the year.

I am getting a little more exercise on the cross-trainer. No walking because the weather is keeping me inside.

Right now I am hugely disappointed. I thought nutritional ketosis would have been kinder to me. I'm not ready to give up but it has become hard work to stay enthusiastic.

I'm thinking hard about what is best for me.

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Before I update.... I submitted a question to Jimmy Moore for his Ask The Experts podcast with Dr. Paul Radston My question was the first one. I've listened to many of Jimmy's podcasts and decided not to go into too much detail but clearly I could have given them better details. I'm happy with the answer and will listen again to the whole later. 

Missed another day here. Is that the slippery slide?

Could be but....... I chose to take a day off. I didn't eat too badly but my carbs were way higher than normal. I had cocoa drink made with coconut oil and milk and I sweetened it with sugar followed by a weird breakfast of left-over cabbage with bacon. Lunch drifted on and on with me snacking on camembert, rice crackers or wafers, and almonds. For dinner we had steak, mushrooms stir fried with onion and a mash of kumera, (sweet potato), potato and carrot. I snacked on more almonds and a mini dark chocolate bar.

We were shifting back home and for some reason my power plug was off. I felt so sluggish it was no joke and I also seemed to have a cold coming on ... or something had tickled up my sinuses.

One night in my own bed and I do feel a lot better this morning although my weight is way up again and my ketones ..... I'm almost afraid to lookSmile Be brave.... 0.3 which means I am not in nutritional ketosis.

Just for kicks I checked my blood pressure. Now I'm happy again. 121/72 That may not look good to some people but I've been off all meds for months and this is better than when I was on meds.

I have begun today well with my usual keto or coconut oil and milk coffee and a 30 minute session on the cross-trainer.

I'm hoping the weather will improve so I can go for a bike ride. This time two weeks we will be in Christchurch getting ready to go on our trip and the bike ride on the I'm not sure we can last more than 5 minutes on our bikes right now.

We are watching the America's Cup this morning. How I wish we were in San Francisco this week but..... TV does give us some wonderful views of the Bay and we get a great perspective on the race. this first race is nail biting. 

It is good to be home in our own environment.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Wow! How the days fly by. I missed updating yesterday.

It's another gorgeous morning to sit on the deck and this will be the last time I can do so until we are, hopefully, asked to Kitty-sit again next year.

My weight is slowly heading down again and this is real weight loss, not manipulated by being on a "Fat Fast" I think my body is co-operating in a way it hasn't for some time so perhaps all the days of Fat Fasting have helped.

I'm still keeping an eye on calories and macro-nutrient ratios but not as closely as last month.

I suspect I have a very low tolerance of carbohydrates still. 

Wednesday I had about 1260 calories 
7% carb:24% protein:79% fat

I was very satisfied with a bacon omelet for breakfast, pumpkin soup with sour cream for lunch and snacked on cold roast beef, camembert, olives, pepperoni and almonds.

Yesterday I ate possibly 1200 calories.
9.5% Carbs: 16% Protein: 75% Fat.

I could have eaten more carbs than ideal.

I had my usual Keto/coconut coffee in the morning, 2 cheesy coconut flour muffins, lamb heart casserole, (stew), for dinner with cabbage and a snack of celery with creamy blue vein cheese.

I really felt as though I'd eaten too much dinner.

Today my fasting blood ketones have dropped back to 0.4 but my weight dropped 400 gm or nearly 1 pound. There's still a way to go, (1.5 kg/3.3 lbs), to my lowest low of 80.2 kg/176.4 lbs which I last saw a month ago just before I hurt my back (falling) getting off a bike I am learning to ride.

I thought my coffee needed to be sweeter this morning. That's a sure sign I ate too many carbohydrates yesterday. My guestimate is something like 45 gm. No wonder my Blood ketones were a bit too low.

I did not add sweetener because I never do and it really is OK.

This is a wake up call to be a lot more careful regarding carbs. It's too easy to exceed the optimal amount to stay in ketosis. It just is not worth it when it can take days to get back into the optimal place again. 

So that's my up-date and now to get some sunshine.Smile

Cool bananasCool

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Had a very nice day out yesterday. Weather beautiful for a drive. John ran the car cam so I might put a clip on my Blog.

Chiropractor continues to do a good job on my back and I'm hopeful there is a glimmer of change to the Bells Palsy.

I only had time for my usual coffee with coconut oil and milk before we left. We stopped early for lunch, 11 am. I thought I ordered a gluten free Vegetable Frittata. They are always delicious but instead a quiche arrived. It was also delicious and I removed the pastry and no bad reaction so that was a relief. It came with a delicious salad and I did put a teaspoon of sugar in my cappuccino. [url=]Colenso Orchard is a roadside Cafe[/url] and gift shop. It serves perfect food and yesterday we were able to sit outside in the sun under the trees, some of which were in blossom.

We had about an hour and a half with my sister. So nice to see her especially since it will be November before we see each other again. I had made some chicken broth/stock and roasted a heap of pumpkin a few days ago. I put them together and blended it until smooth before we left so when we got home had a quick to prepare meal. While the soup heated I made some cheesy muffins which were too delicious fresh. Instead of my usual one I ate three! I was hungry because I'd had only one meal and that was at 11 am and it was nearly 7 pm before we had dinner. I was still hungry after our meal so snacked on some Camembert and almonds until satisfied.

No idea what my stats were for the day but am happy there was no damage to my plan.

Fasting Blood ketones today 0.5 ... not stellar but good enough.

Gained another 200gm, or 1/2 pound but following a travel day that is less than I would normally expect.

No exercise because I was just far too tired by the time we arrived home.

Lovely day here again and I'm going out to drink my coffee on the deck:) Stunning views here. You can see them on my [url=]Blog[/url] too. There'll be a new post later today with some gorgeous photos.

Monday, September 2, 2013


Thanks for the reminder Julie. The healing is the good part.Smile

Yesterday I upped my calories and today my weight is UP againSad and so are my ketonesSmile

Macro-nutrient ratio. Carbs 7%:Protein 23%: Fat 70% Calories 1500 

That was a healthier 84 gm protein but my carbs might have been too high at 25gm. My tolerance level could be exceedingly low. I will keep testing until I know what works best at this time in my life.

Blood ketones 9
Weight 82.1 kg/181 lbs another pound gainedSad

I think I have been eating too little. I certainly had more energy yesterday than for a while. I even went for a short walk, about 1000 steps up and down a fairly steep hill. I also was up and down the stairs in the house many times.

We put off our trip to my sister until today so a long day ahead. Chiropractor apt at 10 am then 2 hour drive to my sister's house and another 2.5 hours home.

I love sunshine and we have it todaySmile

Sunday, September 1, 2013


I want to throw my hands in the air and say. "I Quit!"

Not really but look at this.

I begin the 9th month less than 6 kg/13 lbs less than New Year. After losing 26.5 kg/58.5 lbs last year this is becoming disheartening.

1st September:- 81.8/180 lbs

2013 Weight Loss History Starting at 87.5 kg/195.5 lbs


January:- 1.5 kg/3 lbs
February:- 2 kg/5 lbs
March:- + 1 kg/2 lbs On holiday in Hawaii
April:- 3 kg/7 lbs
May:- NC
June:- 1 kg/2 lbs
July:- NC
September:- + 800 gm/2 lbs

Most of this time I have been in ketosis. Generally speaking my food choices seem good but I have to admit to being rather erratic regarding exercise.

It's hard to look at this record and still feel confident that I am doing what is right for my body. I keep asking the question ....What now?

September is a new month.

I did make a decision to try increased calories, mostly by increasing my protein and to increase my activity level. I'll just have to see how it goes.

This morning my weight is up another 100 gm but my ketones are also up 1 point to 0.5. The Jelly Whip with it's artificial sweetener is gone forever.

Yesterday I had keto coffee, yoghurt with CLO, an antipasto platter of ham, pepperoni, lettuce, baby peppers stuffed with cream cheese, (pepperdew), olives, artichoke, camembert, macadamia nuts, and finished the day with the last f the Jelly Whip and some almonds. Nothing there to rock the boat except the jelly whip.

I didn't track all my food in detail because we had dinner with our daughter and today we will be away most of the day visiting my sister.

Time to get ready to go.

Here's to everyone having a great weekSmile