Thursday, September 12, 2013


Smile I'm rapt. I have dropped another 0.5 kg or one pound since yesterday morning. My fasting Blood Ketones have reached 2.2

I feel very comfortable about my food and I am so hoping I have reached the place where I can sustain and enjoy this LCHF life. My goal is to eye ball measurements and test ketones weekly.

My targets are 1150 calories from 5% carb:20% protein:75 %fat.

My actual was 1180 calories from 6.4% fat: 17.8% protein:75.8 %fat

I had Keto coffee for breakfast
2 HB eggs middle of the day.
Celery and creamy blue vein cheese when we got home from shopping mid afternoon.
Green smoothie at dinner time 
A peanut choc fat bomb for supper.

The green smoothie is a small tweak to get in a few more leafy veggies.

I whizz together until completely smooth
100 gm home made plain Greek yoghurt
50 gm whipping cream
15 ml cod liver oil
50 gm frozen mixed berries... any variation on boysenberries, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries
30-50 gm baby spinach
2 scoops of whey protein powder
enough cold water to make it drinkable with a straw.

It was delicious. I find this the best way to get my COL and it is completely satisfying in every way. I have always found that I tend to lose weight more easily when I have a similar smoothie most days.

Today I added another small tweak. I've been reading about adding gelatine to food, especially drinks but wasn't sure the gelatine we get here would be suitable. Today I found out. I feel quite safe with this because almost all beef in NZ is grass fed from birth to slaughter. I never tasted it in my coffee at all.

There is a recipe for panna cotta on the packet. I'm looking forward to trying it out as my 'go-to' dessert. Of course the recipe has sugar but I can adjust that by using stevia or even a scoop of my whey protein powder which is sweetened to just the right degree with stevia.

Today I have roasted pumpkin soup to make and either cheese, (coconut), muffins or fat bread to make. we do not starve in this house Smile

America's Cup is closer to becoming New Zealand's Smile So exciting for us.

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