Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Had a very nice day out yesterday. Weather beautiful for a drive. John ran the car cam so I might put a clip on my Blog.

Chiropractor continues to do a good job on my back and I'm hopeful there is a glimmer of change to the Bells Palsy.

I only had time for my usual coffee with coconut oil and milk before we left. We stopped early for lunch, 11 am. I thought I ordered a gluten free Vegetable Frittata. They are always delicious but instead a quiche arrived. It was also delicious and I removed the pastry and no bad reaction so that was a relief. It came with a delicious salad and I did put a teaspoon of sugar in my cappuccino. [url=http://www.colensocafe.co.nz/]Colenso Orchard is a roadside Cafe[/url] and gift shop. It serves perfect food and yesterday we were able to sit outside in the sun under the trees, some of which were in blossom.

We had about an hour and a half with my sister. So nice to see her especially since it will be November before we see each other again. I had made some chicken broth/stock and roasted a heap of pumpkin a few days ago. I put them together and blended it until smooth before we left so when we got home had a quick to prepare meal. While the soup heated I made some cheesy muffins which were too delicious fresh. Instead of my usual one I ate three! I was hungry because I'd had only one meal and that was at 11 am and it was nearly 7 pm before we had dinner. I was still hungry after our meal so snacked on some Camembert and almonds until satisfied.

No idea what my stats were for the day but am happy there was no damage to my plan.

Fasting Blood ketones today 0.5 ... not stellar but good enough.

Gained another 200gm, or 1/2 pound but following a travel day that is less than I would normally expect.

No exercise because I was just far too tired by the time we arrived home.

Lovely day here again and I'm going out to drink my coffee on the deck:) Stunning views here. You can see them on my [url=http://withgodnothingisimpossible-tracker.blogspot.co.nz/]Blog[/url] too. There'll be a new post later today with some gorgeous photos.

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