Monday, September 2, 2013


Thanks for the reminder Julie. The healing is the good part.Smile

Yesterday I upped my calories and today my weight is UP againSad and so are my ketonesSmile

Macro-nutrient ratio. Carbs 7%:Protein 23%: Fat 70% Calories 1500 

That was a healthier 84 gm protein but my carbs might have been too high at 25gm. My tolerance level could be exceedingly low. I will keep testing until I know what works best at this time in my life.

Blood ketones 9
Weight 82.1 kg/181 lbs another pound gainedSad

I think I have been eating too little. I certainly had more energy yesterday than for a while. I even went for a short walk, about 1000 steps up and down a fairly steep hill. I also was up and down the stairs in the house many times.

We put off our trip to my sister until today so a long day ahead. Chiropractor apt at 10 am then 2 hour drive to my sister's house and another 2.5 hours home.

I love sunshine and we have it todaySmile

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