Monday, September 16, 2013


Still feeling good.

Have a busy day ahead, at least until late afternoon but it's all fun!

9.30 am Chiropractor, last time for 7 weeks.

10 am coffee at Cogill Café with daughter

11 am Coastal Sanctuary The friend we were Kitty-sitting for is also my hairdresser so I get a free style and colour today and she is an artiste. Looking forward to this as I think it might be a day to experiment.

1.30 pm after my hair is done i will have my eyebrows shaped and my nails shaped and painted. Pretty Me Cool

3 pm top up groceries and home. There is a beef casserole, (stew) in the slow cooker for dinner. I made an extra Green Smoothie yesterday and froze it to take with me for lunch today. All organised to stay on track.

Weighed myself this morning and I am getting closer to breaking through to the 70s in kilograms. Last time I said that I twisted my back getting off the bike and messed things up for four weeks. It was mostly the body reaction to pain and shock. Thank-goodness that's better.

Today BF ketones 1.9
Weight 80.5 kg/177 lbs
yesterday's calories 1175
6.5%C: 20%P: 73.5%F

30 minutes on cross-trainer

And that's me for another day Smile

To all who drop in make today the very best day possible in whatever your circumstances may be.

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