Sunday, September 15, 2013


It seems that I may be doing something right. I'm satisfied with my food and menus. I'm doing some exercise everyday. I'm in nutritional ketosis and I'm losing weight but not great gobs of it. I am relaxed about what I'm doing and life in general. Smile

The last four days my ketones have ranged between 1.9 and 2.4 with today's being 2.1. I do seem to be quite sensitive to carbohydrates with a small drop in ketones everytime I eat my pumpkin soup even when it is only a small serve like 3/4 of a mugful.

Yesterday's stats

Calories 1035 ... a bit lower than I intended but why eat when not hungry?

That's only 33 gm carb and not enough to stop ketosis but it does lower it slightly. Considering I have never been diabetic and my blood sugars have always been pretty good this carb thing amazes me. No wonder I gained weight whenever I was not restricting carbs.

My weight is slightly down again at 80.9 kg/178 pounds. I've been bouncing around in this same area give and take 2 kg for a weeks now but ..... I feel more positive that I have found the place where the general trend is down providing I persist.

I was thinking I may not pop in daily from now on because it looks as though it might get boring ...... but I may need this for myself for a while yet. Same goes for testing blood ketones. My testing strips cost about $12 week and I am certainly thinking that daily is a bit OT but it has become part of my morning routine and a bit of a crutch as well. Just like the scales. I like numbers. Duh!

From next Saturday to the following Saturday my plan will be challenged in every way possible. It will be interesting to see how I manage. There is various travelling, changing houses twice, adjusting to shopping in a different town and so much more. From now until the beginning of November we will be out of our normal pattern Fun but not sure I am ready for this challenge.

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