Wednesday, October 30, 2013


No change on the scales this morning. I hope it's not going to take forever to lose the extra I gained. It's such a pain to have to re-do lost weight.

Still only 0.3 ketones. Today I am fat fasting. At least I feel strong enough to pull my head in enough to do that. 

I feel so fat. I feel as fat as I did when more than 30 kg/70 pounds heavier. I can feel the fat. This is actually a new experience for me. I have never noticed weight gain before. It was as though my brain did not register the changes. Now I am very aware. I can feel bones under the thinner layer of fat, I can feel my belly swelling or shrinking, I can see the fat deposits on my legs. It's weird that I noticed these things but had no real awareness before at any weight. For the first time I understand how a slim person feels when they complain they have gained a couple of pounds on holiday and then restrict their food until back to their 'normal' weight.

Strictly speaking we were not on holiday, just away from home. For 6 weeks I had no scales, kitchen or otherwise, and my only measure was my ketone meter which I did not use daily. I saw no point in testing and wasting expensive sticks when I knew I was not in ketosis. I am thinking I need to do something new in the way of measuring progress. I have never wanted to be bothered with a measuring tape but perhaps now is the time to get one out and keep track of my waist.

My main goal is to get some decent ketone readings. After that I will decide on my eating plan. Since I have lost so little weight this year I may need to tweak my plan even though I will be in nutritional ketosis. How I wish I had the metabolism of a 20 year old male Smile

It's too windy for me to walk outside. The wind is hard on my eye which does not blink due to Bells Palsy. I must call the Eye Clinic and get back on the surgical list for the gold implant in my eyelid. That means the old cross-trainer should be in action sometime today.

I really need to get into my flower garden too. It's so dried out and weedy I can pull most things out and start anew. It will be like having a fresh palette. Smile

So many things need my attention it is overwhelming right now. I'm going to spent the day reading and hopefully will be better motivated tomorrow. I'll start by making a list of things to work through. It always feels good to cross things off. Smile

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  1. I hate the tape measure! Ain't used one in years.
    I can't relate to noticing a few pounds going on... YET. One day I hope to though.
    Right now I'm just holding my head above water, and longing for a massive long sleep.
    Have fun in the garden.