Thursday, October 31, 2013


Thanks Sonny. New Zealand is a beautiful place to live with loads of photo ops at any moment. I'm waiting for the equinox winds to calm down so I can enjoy outdoor walks again.

Hi Karen. I'm still 2 kg or 5 lbs heavier than 6 weeks ago and it doesn't feel good. This surprises me because no-one would detect the difference since it is a tiny amount compared to the 20 kg/45 pounds I need to lose to be a more reasonable weight.

I did manage to shed another kilogram yesterday with my fat fast. I have decided to do this once a week. This is similar to the was so successful on some years ago. The main difference is that now I know I cannot eat wheat, ie ordinary bread, and fat is good. 

Lean for Life is a low carb, low fat program from the Lindora Clinics. On that plan you ate a low carb, low fat, moderate protein diet for 4 weeks followed by a slightly higher carb, non ketogenic diet for 2 weeks which was called metabolic adjustment. It was important to stay with a couple of pounds of you current weight as in maintenance. The 6 week cycle worked well for me although as I said I was still eating wheat and that became my downfall. I never fully subscribed to the low fat side as I always eat the fat on my steak and never ate low fat dairy. 

Back in the day I used keto sticks to test for urine ketones which apparently are different and not as conclusively helpful as blood ketones. The diet still worked for me but it was A Diet not a lifestyle. I don't know that the metabolic adjustment period did me much good so I'm going for the lifestyle and it is HFLC with one day a week fat fasting just as I did yesterday.

My ketones went from 0.3 in the morning to 0.9 in the evening. I am not measuring today. I know I am in ketosis and I have decided to use my ketone sticks sparingly from now on. Maybe twice a week, but that will be worked out as I go along.

I had keto coffee twice, and ate 2 HB eggs, the first mashed with butter, pepper and salt and the second chopped with celery and ranch dressing

The addition of the ranch dressing sent my calories way over my limit but the ratios were good.

Calories 1085
Carbs 1.8%; Protein; 7.9%; Fat 90.3% 

Today I will not be Fat Fasting but I am still restricting calories to under 1200.

I will give this a good go for the next month and if my weight loss remains abysmal I will possibly take out some of the fat I have added into my diet this year. I want to stay in nutritional ketosis but just maybe I am overdoing the fat since most of the time I am between 15 and 30 gm carb.

On with the tweaked plan Smile

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