Tuesday, November 26, 2013


 I am looking at some changes to the way I am doing Nutritional Ketosis but .......

Right now I am only just managing to keep close to my eating plan let alone make any changes no matter how small.

It may not sound like a lot of gardening but today I spent about 4 hours working outside. Both John and I are weary. The rain has come. We welcome the rain. We've had a dry spring so it is needed and we will get a good rest before we get into the garden again. 

Mum laid out the garden and we have difficult clay soil with a thin layer of good soil. Mum was determined to develop a cottage garden with lots of colour. The local conditions meant this would be a high maintenance garden. Add into the mix the neighbours vigorous ivy which has gone rampant through the fence line and under the driveway into the rest of the garden and some awful grasses with tough underground runners. Today was spent pulling grass, getting rid of more ivy and planting a border with what we hope will be a suitable perennial. We are gradually turning it into a lower maintenance coastal garden. It would be so nice to have a couple of thousand dollars, or five, to bring in landscapers, rip everything out and start again. As it is, with the place for sale we are doing what we can to keep it presentable and low budget.

My own garden is suffering from neglect. I can only manage so much at a time.

An email from friends who live in Hawaii has me all excited. We might see them next week. In fact they might be staying downstairs at the Beach House for a few days. Now I'm dreaming again about our next trip to Hawaii. SmileSadly it's on hold until the beach house sells.

I made an egg bake with leftovers for dinner and now John is getting me a small dish of rhubarb with my first attempt at making panna cotta. Yummy! 

I've had too much coffee today. Bed will be welcome but not sure how well I'll sleep.

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