Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Monday check in .... I forgot to take the measurements. Tomorrow will do.

I'm all over the place and it's all my husband's fault. Isn't it good to blame somebody or something else instead of taking full responsibility for your own actions and reactions. Husbands are very conveniently place to drop stuff on.

For some reason I feel quite stressed out. It has to do with hospital appointments, not for me but for my husband. That's why it's all his fault Smile I cannot be blamed for getting stressed because I don't know how to stop myself!!!!

Last week it was just a drive to the next biggest town in our area, and I incorporated a visit with a dear friend. The clinic visit was an unnecessary waste of time unless you admit to being better safe than sorry.

Tomorrow is a little different. He is having the second angioplasty, to the same leg, this year. I have to admit to a certain nervousness because I encouraged him to get off statins and stay off regardless of medical advice. What will the vascular specialists reaction be? NB John chose to not even try any of their other drugs saying he would rather have quality of life than suffer the weakness and muscle pain the statins produced in less than 6 days. Just so you know he does think for himself.

We need to leave home by 7 am tomorrow. That should give us time for a coffee stop before booking in to the clinic at 11 am. I also have a quick stop to drop off a card and flowers to my friend who is celebrating her 90th birthday tomorrow. 

We expect John to be in the hospital for about 8 hours then we have to stay handy. The hospital does have some modest, motel like accommodation so we are trying it out. We want to know what it's like if there is another time because it's about half the cost of a good motel. We'll go somewhere decent for breakfast then have time to fill in before meeting my sisiter for lunch and coming home.

All this food when not in my own home is doing my head in. I will bake a frittata today so we have some healthy food to carry with us.

I guess I'm worried about the advice the specialist is going to give my husband. If they talk about peripheral artherosclerosis being a sign of future cardiac problems I think we should insist on ultrasounds of the carotid and whatever they do to check the aorta. 

I really am not good at being assertive in the face of the training medical people have but ..... I am sure the blockage in John's leg is due to old injuries causing inflammation, in spite of the specialist saying, 'not so.' It's kind of scary to walk a different path to your medical advisor.

I have a book on kindle I'm reading so I'm going to chill out there for a while..... After I get something good to eat Smile

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