Saturday, November 16, 2013

SAME OLD .......

There's not a lot to say today.

My weight stays reasonably stable. GRRRR! I wouldn't be upset if I was closer to my goal weight but I am so fat and flabby.

Flabby is something I can work on while my body decides how it's going to deal with all the extra fat I still carry. I haven't done regular exercise for nearly 8 weeks. I need to get back into my almost daily time on the cross-trainer or get out and walk on the beach. The mornings are pleasant and not too hot so time for me to get moving. I did a little gardening yesterday. That is better than doing nothing.

My calorie etc stats are not available because I ate a handful of dates and nuts after dinner ..... not counting. 

Blood ketones have just moved into ketosis ... not the ideal spot but to see 0.6 is helpful. Mentally I need the ketone boost. I will feel more energetic as my numbers become more stable.

I must remember tomorrow is the day I want to record waist measurement, weight and fasting blood ketones and I might even do blood glucose at the same time although this does not seem to be an issue for me. 

I'm now getting dressed to go for a walk and we'll see how the day works out from there.

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