Friday, November 1, 2013


Hi to all my other lovely readers. I forgot about mustard. I like curry and parsley too but I overcooked my eggs and they needed moisture. Thanks I will remember this next time.

Wow another kg down the tubes. I only have 1 more to lose and I will be where I want to be right now. 

Yesterday I relaxed quite a lot. Keto coffee x 2. I made a kind of bread with eggs, flax seed and coconut flour, cooked in the microwave, and had it with a little lettuce, cheese and celery for lunch. Dinner was steak and cauliflower mashed with a knob of blue vein cheese then I snacked on some almonds a couple of prunes later in the evening. 

I couldn't resist testing ketones so about 2 hours or more after dinner I recorded 0.7. Not great but I'm happy with that, providing I don't go any lower.

The prunes are a little too high in sugar but I need something to keep me regular and this works. Providing I don't get carried away they do not make too much difference regarding ketosis.

Yesterday's carb count was incredibly high, for me, so I'll need to pull my head in today.

Calories 1250
Carbs 48 gm - 15.3%
Protein 83 gm - 26.7%
Fat 81 gm - 58%

Today I will have a berry smoothie for lunch. This gets me back into daily cod liver oil but the way I make it also bumps up my carbs so I will need to keep track there.

We have a very cool morning with a cold wind, lovely blue sky and sunshine between showers so I won't be doing anything outside. I hope the surgery on my eyelid comes up soon. I won't know myself when I can blink again. Who knew that such a small thing as blinking would affect my whole body and general well-being so much? None of the eyedrops, which I hate using, compare with the natural action of being able to blink.

Trusting we all will make the best possible choices today. Smile

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