Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I've missed a couple of days. Things going on which impact weight loss although not related.

Stress. We are selling my mother's house. Mum died 22 months ago. Four families have shares in the house which is absolute beach front. You walk out of your bedroom, if downstairs, across the lawn onto the beach. 50 yards and you are swimming in the Pacific Ocean, which admittedly is somewhat cold for me. We are in the process of re-listing with a different agent and I am the one who has to keep all families up to speed and collect necessary signatures. Until this week a niece was doing this but not any more apparently. I'm more than happy to do it but as most people know there is nothing like jointly owned property to expose any difficult relationships. It's going to be an interesting week or more.

Added to this is the need to spruce up the house and garden when there is very little cash available. We did most of the work 12 months ago but we need to keep things up and make sure the property is attractive. The property market in New Zealand is improving but suddenly a whole lot of properties in our price range have been listed so we have competition. The question in, 'Will it be an advantage?' We can only hope.

About my food.... it has remained good without logging every detail but my weight is fluctuating up and own over 2 kg. 

Yesterday our SuperMarket had pork crackling in the meat section. I cut it into bite sized pieces and salted it before putting in the fridge overnight. This morning I baked it in a moderate over and have been snacking ever since it cooled just enough not to burn my tongue.

This has to be treated as a once a month, or better still less frequent, treat. For me, it's worse than potato crisps, chocolate, salted, roasted nuts. I cannot get enough and once I start it's really hard to stop nibbling even though it has a natural fat content. Freshly baked crackling is so tasty and crunchy. I think it's the crunch that has me returning for another bite all the time.

Today I have a whole lot of scanning and printing then posting out to see to. It is also designated a day of gardening so it's time I started on my important jobs Smile

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