Friday, November 22, 2013


A small drop in weight but I suspect that the salty pork crackling did me no good. There are only a few pieces left.

Today I debated going for a free for all food day which would probably turn into days. Fortunately I began with a fasting ketone test. It's still only 0.6 but yesterday afternoon I had a reading of 1.8 so that must mean that generally speaking I am in nutritional ketosis. This encourages me to stay true to my general plan.

The question remains. Why am I not losing significant amounts of weight?

It might be because I am consuming too much fat for me. That's sad because I like the extra fat in my diet. 

It could be because I'm not getting regular exercise .... no excuse .... I've simply reverted to being a professional couch potato 85% of the time.

It could be that I am not eating enough leafy and low carb vegetables.

It could be that I am not being sufficiently consistent.

I do keep to my plan most of the time. I am reasonably healthy and take no medication.

Maybe today is the day I stop messing about with this and that and plan to follow my best HFLC program for 7 days without faltering.

Today is Day 1 and I begin with a Fat Fast 

900-1000 calories

I'm going to aim for the following with a little wriggle room.

6 gm Carb. 15 gm Protein. 90 gm Fat

The other thing I will do is 30 minutes minimum on the cross trainer or a longer walk outside. And Gardening is planned.

We'll see how this goes. I really want to find that sweet place where I relax into a comfortable, for me, eating protocol.

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