Saturday, November 2, 2013


Hi everyone.

Julia mentioned the new to her idea of using blue vein cheese with cauliflower. The blue vein cheese was quite strong, maybe a little too strong for cauliflower but it made a nice change since I had no cream cheese in the fridge. I really like blue vein cheese with celery. that is Yumm. But our celery seems very stringy at present so I am peeling it. Seems such a waste to see all the green stuff thrown out but I have never liked stringy stuff.

I don't find it too difficult to eat healthy food. It's quantity that I get caught out on. I can eat steak till the cows come home. I really do have to monitor my portions in spite of what is said about eating enough fat to be satiated. Sometimes ..... most of the time my off switch does not work. I'm OK till I put food in my mouth and then I just want to keep on eating. That's why I am being so strict with counting at present.

I'm not always like this so my guess is that I have been eating freely for a while and it's taking a while to adjust.

I blew my personal limit of 1200 calories yesterday. 

Calories 1680
Carbs 60gm/ 12.5%
Protein 80 gm/ 19%
Fat 127 gm/68.5% 

No weight change. Ketones 1.4 ...... Now that surprised me after my higher than normal carbs yesterday.

What I consumed. keto coffee x 2. Lunch was a cheesy muffin made with coconut flour and flaxseed, 1/2 my normal berry smoothie mix. For dinner we had a garden salad tossed with leftover steak, balsamic vdressing, piece of broccoli topped with cheese. Then came the snacks. A well buttered muffin, many almonds and two prunes.

Today I have a chicken to roast for dinner. That will be a nice change. I need to keep away from those muffins.They may not have starches but I find them too moorish to stop at one.


They make a decent alternative to bread rolls. I also find the measurements very forgiving Sometimes I play around with changing the 'flours' by reducing the flaxseed and using cornflour or tapioca too. The amounts are so small I don't let it worry me so long as it's gluten free. I haven't done so yet but I bet they would be really good with diced bacon, ham or salami added.

I could make these nearly every day, they are so quick to assemble. They only take a couple of minutes so easy to make at the last minute when you can't make up your mind what to eat. Yesterday they got the seal of approval from my son who wants to be healthy but ...... has a long way to go.

Heat oven to 175'F or 350'C
Prepare a 6 hole muffin pan

30 gm/ 1 oz coconut four
30 gm/ 1 oz ground flaxseed
2 teaspoons baking powder
100 gm/ 3.5 oz plain Greek Yoghurt
4 eggs
50 gm/ 1.75 oz diced or grated cheddar cheese
optional extras include, smoked paprika, mustard, pepper and salt, fine herbs such as thyme, parsley, chives, green onions and etc.

Mix all together with a whisk.
Spoon evenly into 6 muffin cases ... I use silicone and also rub a little butter around them too. Cleaning up is a breeze.

Bake 15 minutes or until tops spring back when lightly pressed.

Don't eat them all in one go. Smile

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