Thursday, November 14, 2013


I completed my plan yesterday with success Smile It wasn't as difficult as I'd feared.

I drank keto coffee in the morning and followed up with water and my usual fruit flavoured herbal tea which has virtually no calories. I had a hard boiled egg for lunch and a piece of camembert later. I'd used my self imposed protein allowance for the day so nibbled on some Coconut Fudge, made with cocoa, coconut oil and coconut cream, that I'd found on Maria Emmerich's website

I think I'll try her Keto Crepes later today. I'll be eating more.

Calories 815
Carbs 3 gm/ 1.5% :Protein 16 gm/ 8% :Fats 84 gm /90.5% 

That helped me shed about 1.5 of the weight accumulated over the past few days. I didn't test for ketones this morning but I know they have improved. I felt fine all day and the only adverse reaction was a headache this morning which could be due to sinus congestion and nothing to do with diet.

I had another good look at my Lean For Life Workbook and decided to read it again because while it is low fat there is a lot of good stuff and it is a ketogenic diet. There are many things I can use to keep me on the right track and motivated. 

My weight loss has ceased to enthuse me. It's just too slow. My health is reasonably good. Most of the things I was concerned about have resolved or are improving,especially if I my blood ketones stay at a good level.

I would love to lose another 20 kg/44 lbs. If I look at my weight loss stats for the past year it will take me at least 4 more years to achieve. That's not very encouraging. I have to look past those stats and consider my day to day healthy living plan.

My goal must become living each day to the best of my ability and living it to the full. Weight loss is not going to rule my life. It should naturally follow my daily healthy lifestyle plan. If my weight loss is totally stalled out then so-be-it. I will be living a healthy life.

We have a stunningly lovely morning and I think I must take advantage and get into my garden before it totally overwhelms me. Smile

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