Thursday, November 7, 2013


Nothing much to up-date. My weight stays stable...... whether I like it or not Smile

Yesterday was an 'almost fast.'

Keto Coffee reigned for the morning. I had a cup of chicken broth early afternoon. Tere was a small serve of meatballs in maranara sauce left after John had eaten all he could manage so I cleaned that up.

I made some Fat Fast fudge similar to one by Maria Emerich and ate a small piece along with a couple of almonds and a macadamia nut. That's about it.

My nutritionals came out looking something like this...
Calories:- 840 + chicken broth
15 gm/7% Carb: 19 gm/9.5% Protein: 79 gm/83.5% Fat

I seem to really struggle to pull my carbs much lower. Of course the maranara sauce had an impact on these numbers.

Today is a normal food day and we have pork chops for dinner. Looking forward to them.

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