Sunday, October 20, 2013


Hi to everyone.

I'm beginning to get homesick. We've been away for nearly 5 weeks. I adore being in Christchurch but living in other people's homes is growing old fast. At least we have good internet service once more. While we were at the neighbour's house my wireless kept dropping off even when I had all the bars. It became extremely frustrating.

I have not been eating quite so well of late. There has been some very erratic eating, such as munching through more than a cup of roasted almonds. Normally I only buy natural almonds and eat 6 -10 nuts a day so this was way outside my norm. I've also eaten icecream several times this last week and added sugar to my coffee not to mention strawberries and cream with a sprinkle of raw sugar. There's been much more off 'my plan' food consumed and yet some stellar days mixed in too.

I have no idea how my weight compares with when I left home but my clothes feel about the same. And of course I am no longer in nutritional ketosis.

We moved back into our son's house over the weekend and will be here for 7 more nights. I have decided to work hard to get into ketosis ASAP and designated today to be as close to a fast as I can manage. I'm beginning the day with keto coffee. That's two cups of filter coffee laced heavily with cream, coconut cream and coconut oil. I'm not sure how this will work out but I did get about 7 hours sleep last night, after almost none for 24 hours .... don't ask because I don't have an explanation. I also have a no activities Smile planned for today except maybe a walk in this afternoon. It seems to have been a while since I had a good walk.

I am planning to do a 5 day Fat Fast once we are settled in at home next week. After that I think I will do something a little different such as on plan eating for 6 days followed by a Fat Fast day for the 3 or maybe 6 weeks. I am stll pondering on this but it must include some regular walking and stretching and resistance work.

Right now I am going to finish my coffee, kick back and read a book. Cool

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