Sunday, October 6, 2013


 Smile I'm a tiger for punishment. This morning daughter-in-law and I went on a 5.5 km fun-walk around Pegasus, a new development on the north side of Christchurch, with lake and golf course and wetlands. Nice easy paths. This was the walk I was "training" for on Friday. I needed to know I could walk 5 km. But today there was more! The car park was a long way from the registration tent and start place. I reckon we walked about 7 km, about 4.5 miles total. Tonight my hip is a bit stiff but I feel great. 

And I'm hoping to do a shorter walk on Weds in Hagley Park. It's beautiful here at the moment and it got quite hot in the middle of the day. 25'C or more (77'F) Our evening temp is a very pleasant 20'C/68'F

I am rapt that I can walk these distances.

Today I've had my normal keto coffee. Ate camembert and a few almonds on the way to our weekly prison visit. We stopped off for a cappuccino with a gluten free cake on the way home. Now it's dinner time and I am about to have stuffed mushroom .... it should be a bit like a pizza on a mushroom. Amazingly I'm not at all hungry right now but since I haven't eaten much all day I'm ready to eat. Best not to go into starvation mode.

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