Thursday, October 24, 2013


Hi friends. I'm so tired. Guess what? I have been eating sugar and other unhelpful stuff. I've had iceream, not huge serves but icecream several times this past week.

So far today has been better. Keto coffee. tossed lettuce salad with HB egg and tonight will be another salad and steak. I'll snack on nuts and cheese. Amanda has asparagus growing and we have had several feasts. I love asparagus with butter.

Some of the tiredness is lack of proper sleep and some the weather. We get hot nor'westers here and they are unpleasantly warm, noisy and gusty. Clearly I am ready to go home and it has now become a test of endurance. I'm hoping that by eating better today I will feel more energetic tomorrow.

One thing this is teaching me is that I feel so much better when in ketosis. Even on bad day NK feels better than I do right now. It's worth persevering through just for that. I discovered that I had almost no arthritic pain when I stayed low carb. Now I am admitting to less fatigue, more mental and physical energy, more 'get up and go,' when in nutritional ketosis.

Today I really don't want to know this but it is the truth. I must pull myself together and eat and drink right for at least 48 hours to get back that good feeling.

It's never easy to pull out of this place. It's like crawling out of a deep pit. It may not be so deep but right now it looks too hard. But it must be done. One day hopefully I will stop myself before I fall in.

I have not been eating badly just letting stuff creep in and now I have work to do. Eating for nutritional ketosis has become as much about feeling good as weight loss, maybe more so.

I just hope I can get some healthy sleep as well.

Only 3 days left here in Christchurch and I want to make the most of them.


  1. MargieAnne:
    You do not know how many times I've been there and done that, and yet, like you, I pick myself up and start all over again. I once went 6 months on an all meat diet, lost 55 lbs and felt better than I did as a teenager (I'm 63). I was ridiculously happy, not suffering migraines or daily arthritic pain, I was laughing all the time, I loved life, all those wonderful things that you feel when you are truly in ketosis. Anyway, whenever I fall off the wagon, I totally recall how I felt and that helps motivate me to try again. Some people have tremendous willpower but I'm not one of them

  2. Thanks for understanding. So many people tell you that losing weight or staying healthy is about eating all things in moderation. All things are not OK for me at least. Learning to live with this restriction is so easy but not always what I want to do. Today my only deviation has been a steamed potato with my steak and salad .. loads of butter of course.