Thursday, October 3, 2013


Yesterday I wrote ....
(Yesterday 08:01 AM) Today's goals.

# Walk between 3 - 5 k
# Keep carbs very low
# Find ways to increase healthy fats and thus feel sated.

Oh Dear!

No walk. Just felt lazy then we went to a shopping mall where we could use a voucher for free coffee.

You just can't roll up and get a free coffee can you? I had a cake, gluten free of course, but none-the less cake, and a teaspoon of sugar in my coffee. 

Still working on increasing fat and decreasing carb.

Fasting blood ketones this morning 0.2. What else could I expect?

Yesterday I ate cake, plus keto coffee, antipasti plate with bits and pieces, steak and cabbage and carrot and onion and tomato plus small snacks including 80% chocolate, camembert and nuts and ...

Not terrible but not helpful to my goals.

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