Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Had a very good day yesterday. Shopped for more cod liver oil, my whey protein powder of choice and a few groceries. 260 odd dollars later I was wondering what happened to my budget. Slowly I am getting all my 'normal' foods into the pantry and fridge. This morning I realised we only have another 4 weeks here. The days are flying by. 

Depending on weather we are joining a fun run/walk on Sunday morning before going to the prison for our weekly visit. There is another fun run/walk in Hagley Park next Wed. I will do my best to make the most of being in this beautiful city. Sometime today I need to go out for a decent walk to make sure my legs are up to managing 5 k.

Getting back into nutritional ketosis is proving to be a bit of a challenge. Fasting blood ketones still on 0.2 If I was at home I would just do a simple fat fast for two or three days but that's not very practical at present and would just feel like added pressure. Stress is not conducive to my weight loss goals so not going there.

Talking of stress ..... I really would like to just check out and forget about everything from money to family right now. Totally impractical so I'll have to find another way to de-stress. Perhaps a good walk will help.

My weight has dropped a little so that's an improvement Smile I guess I'm still considerably more than when we left home but travelling is always a challenge for me. I'd love to lose 10 pound by the end of the month but to go home the same weight as when I left is better than gaining.

Today's goals.

# Walk between 3 - 5 k
# Keep carbs very low
# Find ways to increase healthy fats and thus feel sated.

Making the day the best I can Smile

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