Monday, July 8, 2013


Today I came across this article written by Di Bauer. I thought the food ideas and recipes are very worthwhile so will refer to it often long with The Fat Fast Cookbook.

A comment made by Dana Carpender at Carbsmart

Jackie Eberstein, who was Dr. Atkins’ right hand for thirty years, says that when people have a lot of weight to lose and are badly metabolically resistant, she puts them on a rotation of five days fat-fasting, 2 days of Atkins Induction. They continue the 5/2 rotation until they’ve lost all they need to lose, or can’t handle it any more, whichever comes first.
I think the longest I’ve fat fasted without a break was 8 or 9 days. The longest I know of in a clinical trial was 10.

I am intrigued by this idea. I am really having trouble losing weight these days. The Fat Fast idea no longer freaks me out. I can do it without any adverse effects. It's not difficult or even unpleasant for me. A rotation of 5/2 rotation seems rather strict but I'm seriously thinking about giving it a go for the next 2 or 3 weeks before our world goes crazy again with hospital appointments and other stuff. It will be a good test and just maybe I can crack through the 80 kg barrier into a happier place. Currently I weigh in the vicinity of 80.5 kg/177 pounds. I really want to get under 70 kg/153 pounds ASAP. I'm tired of the way my body is messing around. I know I should be more patient but I want this period over. I know that losing the weight is only a small part of the picture but it's taking up too much of my energy. I want to put my energy into other things. It's not unrealistic for me to lose 1 kg per week or a minimum of 3 kg in a month. At that rate I could be very close to 70 kg by the end of September or at least by the end of this year, allowing for stuff that is already booked in.

Another thing I have become aware of is that I probably have a chronic yeast infection. This could be why my scalp is not healing from the scaliness that is far more than dandruff. It is hideous. Recently I noticed it was much worse on the days I missed out on coconut oil. I think I read somewhere that coconut oil is helpful in healing yeast infections. If that is so Fat Fasting just might bring about some health benefits. That would be awesome.

Today I am not seriously Fat Fasting but ....... It is close to dinner time for us and all I have consumed today is coffee laced with coconut oil and coconut milk. I have begun to prepare plain Greek yoghurt, to which I add cod liver oil, a few berries and some whipped cream, and that will be my dinner today. If I'm really hungry I have some cold pork and a green salad in the fridge but today could be as good a day as any to begin the 5/2 rotation. I think I can do it without upsetting John too much.

Watch this space.

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