Sunday, December 29, 2013


I know this sounds pathetic but I'm glad Christmas 2013 is behind me. I guess my sigh of relief has something to do with borderline depression.

I slipped right away from nutritional ketosis and have gained several kilograms until I am very close to the same weight I began the year. Kind of disheartening.

Too many sad and stressful things in my life. Nothing new. It just seems to have caught up with me. 

We had a quiet Christmas Day. The weather was a little damp in the morning but fined up enough for a walk on the beach in the afternoon. We enjoyed watching people swimming, playing beach cricket, paddling boards, boating and canoeing. 


I began the day with Keto Coffee
Lunch was fresh baked ham, boiled new potatoes and green beans dressed with pesto; beetroot, walnut and feta salad; green garden salad. For dessert we had a lovely fruit salad and pavlova topped with strawberries and cream. Our evening meal or tea, was a repeat of lunch. Jane had dishes of nuts, date coconut balls and pieces of crystalised ginger out. No chocolates although we did have sweet, sugary treats.

My meals are lower carb than they would have been a couple of years ago but nowhere close to ketogenic.

Today:- Keto coffee, berry smoothie, steak in tomato sauce with a small potato and green peas mashed with cream cheese. Snacks included an almond biscuit, (GF Cookie), a few nuts , fruit salad and yoghurt, and a couple of prunes. Well perhaps not so LC after all.

I'm sleeping badly but did treat myself to a long soak with a good book in a bubble bath this afternoon. 

John and I are on our own with few distractions over the next few days so I have no excuses. I'm trying to pick up the pieces and get back on track with my eating plan, sleep and exercise.

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