Wednesday, December 18, 2013


What a roller coaster I've been on. I saw my highest weight in months the other day. Gave me a bit of a fright in fact. But not enough to get back on the straight and narrow apparently. This morning I had to go back to bed and lie down for a while instead of continuing with my normal routine. I had awful stomach pain which subsided as I rested. It was caused by some 'off-my-grid' food choices and far too many cappuccinos made with NestlĂ© sachets with added sugar and cream. I hope reading about my failings does not set off triggers for anyone who reads this. Generally speaking my food has not been terrible but there have been moments and then there were the times when for one reason or another I wanted to continuously snack on 'legitimate' food. 

I'm really unsure why I allowed myself such liberty but it certainly was not concern for my general health. There was probably a coming together of many factors, some obvious while others were subtly hidden in the complexities of my life.

We had dinner out last night. It was a farewell gift from our Hawaiian friends. John had pork belly while the rest of us had lemon cured, thinly sliced salmon with various pieces of vegetable, all beautifully presented and delicious to eat too. We had side dishes of either garden salad or broccollini. We all passed on dessert and some had cappuccinos while I had hot chocolate. We talked until the restaurant was closing. So much fun to be with nice people with lots of travel stories to share.

When we got home I began to relax and ate a lot of strawberries and some camembert and almonds before going to bed. 

Today I've had my normal keto/coconut coffee and a berry smoothie for lunch. We have cold meat and salad for dinner tonight.

One of the things that contributed to my difficulties over the last month or more is that I am getting bored with the whole food/paleo/low carb focus. I have a routine that works for me and as long as I keep to it I'm fine. But I began to experiment beyond my normal routine and I listen to too many podcasts and read far too many blogs. All this has sometimes led to confusion as I think about what new thing can I do.

I need to get back to basics, My Way. I need to re-establish my routine even if it does seem a little boring at times. I also need to take a break from some of the stuff I read and listen to. 

Perhaps the most important of these is my routine.

I am going to confess something I never thought I would ever say.

I am most comfortable when I have a routine.

Is this because I'm growing older?

It's a shock to me. I have always thought of myself as someone who thrives on being laid back, going with the flow and being sufficiently resilient to work with whatever comes along in the day.

I'm not going to go on and on about this because to be quite honest I have no idea where this is going.

My first concern is to become settled into my eating pattern, stable in nutritional ketosis and get back into the routine of some kind of daily exercise. All this is easier said than done. Only 14 days to Christmas. We will be flying into Christchurch in 5 weeks and staying with our son and his wife for 3 weeks. Thus another year will start with plenty of coming and going for us. 

Now to get on with my next task. I have been asked by the Real Estate agent to put together a folder of photos of out family beach house. I cannot put it off any longer.

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