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I am shocked to see I have not been here in nearly three months.

Sadly I let things slip a bit recently so have to go back over and re-lose some weight. I'm on track again and determined to not let that slackness creep in. There have been many things going on family-wise and I find I am not as resilient as I once once. Interpret that as Stress Eating.

These questions are from Pealark on the Livin La Vida Forum.

1. What its Keto coffee? (I have decaf w/cream)
I make up a full carafe of coffee as soon as I get out of bed..... fresh ground a shake or two of cinnamon. That's somewhere around 6 large cups. While the coffee brews I prepare 30 gm, (1 ounce,) coconut oil, 50 gm, (1.7 ounces), coconut cream and 50 gm, (1.7 ounces), thick cream, (the kind you make butter with). I pour about half the coffee over this mix and whisk it up. This I sip while checking email etc. The rest I drink black and that's my coffee for the day. Most days I'm finished with coffee before mid-day. After that I drink water or herbal/fruit infusions which are so low in calories I never count them. Keto Coffee is a term coined, I think, by Dana Carpender who co-authored a little book called Fat Fast Cookbook: 50 Easy Recipes to Jump Start Your Low Carb Weight Loss [Kindle Edition]
Dana Carpender (Author), Amy Dungan (Author), Rebecca Latham (Author), Andrew DiMino (Foreword), Jimmy Moore (Foreword)

2 In my Atkins book, yogurt its specifically mentioned as something NOT allowed on induction. The sentence its something like "you can have sour cream, but not yogurt". Its yours with the "h" lower carb somehow?

Haha Smile Yogurt, or yoghurt ..... I'm a New Zealander so we use funny English/European spelling. The yoghurt I use has nearly 7 gm carb per 100 gm serving, (0.25 ounces per 3.5 ounces, or about 2 ounces carb per 18 ounces). So it's higher in carbs than I like, and when I was using it regularly meant I had to limit my veggies more than I wanted to. 

I make my yoghurt using the Easi-yo system. It's delicious and can be thick enough to use instead of sour cream or cream cheese.

I have stopped making smoothies for now because the recipe I use has whey milk powder which together with the yoghurt puts me over my self imposed carb limit.

So what am I eating this week?

Mornings ..... Keto Coffee
Lunch ......... Cheddar cheese or eggs with celery, gherkins, olives.
Dinner ......... Meat with veggies. Tonight's dinner will be roast pork including the crackling, some roast veggies such as onion, pumpkin and kumera, (sweet potato) and broccoli. 
Snacks ....... Almonds, celery, cheese.

I'm keeping things simple for me. Not counting or measuring except the ingredients for my keto coffee.I have not decided whether I intend to be in ketosis or not since all I have to measure with is ketostix, (urine testing).The proof is in my scales. As long as I am losing weight I know I'm on the right track..... for now. I'm interested in the new breath tester for ketones. You can see it advertised on Jimmy Moore's blog

Be back soon :)

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