Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Hi Kitty. I'm sorry the Fat Fast upset you to that degree. I never suffer that way unless I have been on a total fast, my first meal, whatever it might be has unacceptable results, so not something I do very often.

Hi to all those who missed me the last few weeks. I'll try to keep up but as you will read I have added something newish to my life.

I have two admissions to make.

# I am an addict. Doesn't matter what. It can be fat especially as in pork crackling, blogging/internet stuff, (not so much games unless you count Sudoku), and now patchwork quilting. 

I am surprised I have set it aside for a few hours this morning. It all began a few weeks ago when I decided to make a table runner for our daughter-in-law's birthday, March 6th. I finished that, and began a knee snuggle rug for myself featuring fabric I bought in Hawaii last year. I have almost finished the top part and will put it away to finish another snuggle rug top to make as a gift for another son's partner who has a birthday in May. This is all very time consuming because I sew all by hand. No machines for me.

I have so many ideas buzzing around in my head that I just might have to get the sewing machine back from our daughter. Every time I consider doing such a thing I remember how stressed sewing by machine makes me. So here I am with a million plus ideas and doing things the slow way. 

I cannot wait to get out of bed in the morning to get started again, I cannot wait to see the next block take shape and now how it looks with the blocks joined up and ready to sandwich with the backing and wadding. I have gone whole days without taking time to dress and John has had to cook dinner more than once or twice.

The wonderful thing is this has come about since I had the surgery which allows me to blink. While my eyesight is less than perfect I am comfortable enough and it might even be improving. 

The other good thing that allows me to enjoy this hobby is my pain-fee hands. For years I have picked up hand-work and put it down again fed-up by aching fingers. I have been 90% wheat free for 2 years and 11 weeks. Not only are my hands pain-free but they are increasing in strength. There are many simple tasks I no longer request John to do. The most obvious is can opening with the hand held opener. 

Becoming wheat free has turned the arthritis right around. I still have bent fingers and some thickened knuckles but there is no crippling and no aching. And best of all, the improvements seem to be continuing.

# I gained back every pound I lost doing Fat Fasts. They were useful in that I learned a lot about nutrition and what works for some people and how it works for me. I'm not saying I will never do another Fat Fast but not for some time at least. 

It is taking me a while to settle into a routine that works for me. Not getting out to exercise regularly is one of the negatives about my new addiction to quilting. I'm fairly certain that once I add in that daily or twice daily walk/cross-trainer thingy I will be improving my general well-being and therefore weight loss too. It won't do any harm that a little exercise improves sleep too.

So there you go. An up-date that will hopefully lead to me being more active here again.

Hope everyone is doing well.

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