Friday, February 28, 2014


This might become a habit. .... Walking first thing that is. I woke up this morning rearing to go. I was later than yesterday by 30 minutes. I put the coffee on before leaving the house after clinging to my bed for an extra few minutes before facing the cool morning.

We have a noisy but not overly strong, S.E. wind which has brought autumn to our doorstep, right on schedule since today is March 1st downunder. I was very pleased to find that the cool wind did not cause any problems to my eye. Walking will become a pleasure again.

Back home, with pockets full of sandy shells. all I had to do was pour and whisk my keto coffee. I took a blood ketone reading and was disappointed but not surprised to see it had dropped back to 0.3.

I ate a large dinner last night and was totally uncomfortable. I did not need so much food but who passes up a nice steak with mushroom, onion and tomato sauce.

Today's plan is to continue quilting. I might have a session on the cross-trainer. The day is warming up and promises to be sticky in spite of the wind. 

The first two months have 2014 have flown by and I'm only just beginning to get my act together on all fronts.

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