Thursday, February 27, 2014


Ketones: 0.5 up one point on yesterday but I did the test a little later in the morning after a walk and drinking my keto coffee. Don't know whether that alters the numbers much anyway.

We went out yesterday. We had lunch with our daughter and spent the afternoon (planning) dreaming about the home we will build once the beach house sells. I haven't made my little coconut, butter and almond chocolate treats. I'm going to add in some chopped fig this time.

Blood ketone testing:_ I notice that it helps me focus on my health goals and I quite like seeing the ketone numbers on a daily basis but ..... the test strips are expensive even when I make them stretch out by not testing daily. Once the 7 I have left are gone I'll have to wait for some spare cash. It shouldn't be so hard to stay on plan. After all I do know how to do this. 

It seems that 10 test strips cost anything between $18 and $28 in New Zealand while Australians can get them for under $9. I tried pretending I'm an Australian but there are criteria I cannot meet. I just live in the wrong country to get affordable test strips.

Not having blood ketone test strips is like learning to live without the numbers on the scale. It might work for some. For others it's a regular check to prevent the dreaded wake-up call of weight gain gone out of control.

I need to work on some emails then it's another quilting day.

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