Tuesday, February 18, 2014


The patchwork for my quilt runner, a gift for one of our daughters-in-law, is coming along nicely. Yesterday I left it alone. This morning I have cut all the border and binding strips and will start linking the three squares together today. 

I'm so tired I don't think I'll be doing very much at all. I should go outside for a walk but we have a sticky damp tropical stream hovering over us. I did not sleep well last night in spite of being tired, physically and mentally.

Yesterday we went to the Eye Clinic at Thames Hospital. I had quite a wait since I was not officially given a time. The ophthalmologist is a lovely man and did not worry that he had no file forwarded from the base hospital, but then he does have his computer records. He is happy that he has done what he can to make my eye as comfortable as possible but warned me it will never be perfect. At least I can blink even if I have to think about it and it will stay closed through the night when I'm asleep now too.

We left home at 8.30 am and were home again by 3 pm after having coffee and getting some groceries. I showed pink on the ketostix when we got home so that must mean I am more or less in ketosis, in spite of eating a banana.

I didn't keep track yesterday although I ate reasonably well. Today I'm so tired anything could happen. So far I've had black coffee and an herb omelet, 2 eggs and cream, with bacon and tomato, all cooked in butter.

I hope I have a good snooze this afternoon and that I sleep well tonight.

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