Saturday, February 15, 2014


Re-cap on yesterday. We had left over beef casserole/stew instead of the egg and salad for dinner. Someone had to eat it and there was too much for John alone. It would not have been too bad just not quite as LC as egg.

Tired. We sat up to watch the Beatles tribute which was over all too quickly. I did wonder if it would pop up on our TV and not sure how much was edited out but thoroughly enjoyed a little trip down memory lane even if it was on late.

I also woke up a couple of times with weird dreams and an over active brain filled with dumb memories. Became so agitated I ended up reading for a while. Sooooo sleep deprived today. One of these days I'll put in place a healthy sleep protocol.

Today I'm aiming for 20% Protein, 70% Fat, 10% Carb or keeping my carbs under 35 gm. That is a little high for NK but I don't feel up to going in hard today. I've lifted my calories to 1350. That will still be low for some people but I'm not very active at present.

We'll see how that goes. I don't really want to count calories but I've found I am more likely to keep to my plan if I fill in the Perfect diet thingy, similar to fitness pal I think. By measuring it helps me get used to portion sizes once more too. I don't get hungry very often and I believe I'm still pretty messed up so doing things by numbers gets me back on track with habits that hopefully work.

We do have a longish day coming up on Tuesday when I go to the Ophthalmology Clinic for follow up to surgery. I'm delaying going on lower carbs until later in the week. The clinic is only 1.5 hours drive from home but it will probably mean shopping and sitting in the waiting room for x time. That means we'll be having lunch in a Café somewhere. I could make a picnic but rain is forecast so may not be a good idea.

We have a beautiful Sunday and if I weren't so lazy I would be out walking on the beach. Instead I'm listening to another Livin La Vida podcast and stitching.

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