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Hi MargieAnne,

I've just read all your posts, and think a few tweaks may help you out.

1. Don't weigh yourself more than once a fortnight/month. Water loss gain on a daily basis can give you false readings. You can easily lose/gain 1-2 liters of water in a few days. Go more for measurements and how your clothes fit. ( it's not about the numbers. Please remember that ) 

2. It's not a "diet". A lot of people equate diets with negative experiences, suffering and unhappy times. 
It's a way of life or a " eating plan " if you need to call it something, which you don't. Just eat and be happy with your way of life. 

3. Stop wasting your time and money on Keto stix/strips. Once the body has adapted to ketosis, you won't be wasting ketones in your wee, as your body will be using/ burning them up for energy. So your numbers will decline or stay very low. ( if your eating lowcarb and moderate protein w/high fat for long enough you'll be in ketosis. You can't not be )

4. You need to eat more often. More snacks of high Fat. Your cravings are your body telling you it needs something. Food/ fat. Whether it be nuts ( macadamia's hazelnuts cashews ), cream, meat, cheese. Eat it slowly but don't deny yourself or you will binge...... 

5. You need GUILTY (carb free high fat) treats. My fave ATM is this....pancakes 

1tbsp psyllium husks
1 egg
1/4 cup water
Cinnamon or vanilla to taste
1 scoop low carb protein powder ( un flavored its all I have Tongue )
1tbsp butter to cook pancakes in 


50-100 mls cream
1-2 tbsp Hazelnut butter ( I make my own, but any natural low sugar nut butter will do ) 
1/2 cup berries ( blue/rasp/straw berries ) 

Mix dry ingredients then add egg and water and mix well, pour into small frying pan coated with the butter, 1 at a time. When done pour over the cream, nut butter and berries. 

Less then 5 grams of net/impact carbs, 30-40 grams of fat 30-40 grams protein. You can easily increase / decrease protein fats as you see fit. 

You have no real guilty pleasures. You need them to keep you sane and on track. 

6. Did I say eat more. Otherwise Your metabolism will slow down you will feel terrible and you'll binge if you don't eat more 1500 calories should have you losing weight and feeling great. 

7. Enjoy yourself. It's not about what others eat think or do that matter. It's all about you and your choices. Don't beat yourself up about eating this or that. Life's way WAY too short. ( well to honest it's the longest journey you'll ever take, but I hope you now what I mean ) 


Thanks for your thoughtful post, It's nice to meet someone else who is willing to wade through a few pages of posts to get to know you.

I think 'The Plan' addresses some of the tweaks you mention. I will try the pancakes but I'm not so sure about the psyllium husks even as powder. I do remember them giving me some severe stomach pain as in irritation/inflammation but it's still worth a try. I keep seeing them in low carb recipes. The idea sounds delicious so I'll give it a go even if I need to change it slightly.

I have no problems with the word diet since I see it in the larger sense rather than limited to a restrictive weight control regime.

Weighing and measuring ketones are something that happens when my focus is strong. Experience tells me that when I stop weighing regularly I'm most likely to gain weight as I've done these last two months. I guess that's the way my brain is wired. I'm not testing for ketones because I know I'm not ketogenic right now.

Tape measures are not for me. They are too imprecise being subject to where placed and how firmly applied. Two things which can change on the day. I do use my clothes but right now I only have one pair of jeans to give any indication of how I'm doing. Everything else is too loose to be of any use. I need to remedy this before winter sets in. Perhaps something new for my birthday in June will be motivating.

My reasons for being in nutritional ketogenisis have as much to do with brain and mood as with weight loss. But it does take determination and mental energy which I do not have currently so not worrying about that right now.

I do not believe in guilty pleasures and I'm sure you didn't really mean it that way. Guilt is a saboteur in itself. Believe me when I say I indulge. My weight loss would be far more spectacular if I did not do so. 

I have wondered many times about calorie restriction and it's affect on metabolism. I agree that there are times when I am too low but then there are times when I am exceedingly high too. Mostly I prefer not to worry about counting anything but that got me where I am ..... fat and lacking vibrant health. The weeks and months of measuring were part of self experimentation. That was last year Smile

One thing that concerned me ..... When I was in nutritional ketosis and limiting my calories I was also exercising regularly. I felt so good most of the time .........
There's a BUT........ as I progressed along this path I began to wonder if I was experiencing some adrenal fatigue. The lifestyle was demanding of my body and I have been living with unusual amounts of stress for many years. Things I cannot change, things that some days I can put aside but all too often intrude. A broken heart is not easily mended. Without my faith in God I am totally lost.

It seems as though I have been juggling some mighty prickly balls and as I become accomplished at the ones in hand another is tossed into the mix. I am proud of myself for handling what life has dished out as well as I have done, but that doesn't mean I can relax. Learning to rest and remain vigilant, content and at peace is an art I practice everyday. It's no wonder to me that I come unstuck and am overwhelmed now and then.

The wonder to me is that I'm still here. But then the combination of my faith in God and the LCHF lifestyle is my lifesaver.

This is a lengthy reply. Your advice was given seriously and I received it. 

Thank-you. It's always good to question your reasons for doing something. It's been good for me to look again at the way I do things and why.

Today has plenty of challenges for me. I hope I'm up to posting tomorrow. I guess I'll be one-eyed for a few days. I woke extra early and couldn't go back to sleep so I've been up since 5.15 am. It's now time to dress and get ready to leave the house. 

I'm nervous about today's surgery. It will be done with local anaesthetic and while it sounds like a fairly simple procedure it is delicate. I am putting myself in the hands of God and the surgeon. The surgeon told me that he only does this particular procedure two or three times a year. One thing I'm grateful for. It's cloudy with a chance of showers so I'll not have to cope with getting too hot or bright sunlight. Our car does not have air-conditioning so cloud blocking direct heat from the sun is a bonus.

See you as soon as I can use my laptop again.

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