Friday, February 14, 2014


That was quick.

I called the eye clinic yesterday and did say all I needed was 24 hours notice.

I am now booked in for 12.30 pm tomorrow. 

We are planning a one day trip. 7-8 hours total driving. Two meals on the road. Must take extra water. Goodness knows how long at Waikato Hospital. It could be 3, it could be 6 or 7 hours. We leave home at 8 am latest, preferably earlier. Last time we did this I found the drive home difficult. I must make sure I have enough pain relief.

I have a beef casserole/stew in the slow cooker for tonight's dinner. That will give us left overs tomorrow if we are home early enough but I am guessing we'll want our dinner somewhere along the way.

Just as well today we have money in the bank. Yesterday we were too broke to eat out Smile

I have a long, slow soak in the bath planned for this afternoon. Soothing music, good book if I can find one and that will be my day of preparation.

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