Sunday, February 9, 2014


Official start date will be February 10th 2014

Smile Hi and welcome to anyone who comes in to read my journal. I took a break from all things to do with on-line journaling and blogging. It has done me no harm. On the other hand I cannot honestly say I come back refreshed and ready for a fresh start. 

Life has become something of a struggle for me. The reasons are multiple and complex. I am not making excuses but facts are facts. At 75 and a half years old it's scary to be on this health improvement quest and not always see the desired results. It's not that my health is particularly bad. In fact it's pretty good compared to many my age, but I have a lot of living to do and there is always room for improvement.

Back last year, on December 21st I wrote out a plan with a start date and today is that day. It's not a startling plan but maybe I can work with it until I feel like being a little more pro-active.

We've been home from Christchurch for 5 full days. I have caught up with reading most of my normal Blog reading. I still seem to be leery of all things to do with nutrition and diet and have hours of podcasts backed up. I want to finish a hand stitched patchwork quilt I began making years ago so will keep my ears busy while my hands work Smile

I guess I remain border line depressed. I'm not very interested in doing anything much and I don't want to do anything that demands a little more input of brain power or energy. I'm content so long as I make minimum demands upon myself. I am considering starting to take St. John's Wort and I need to get back into the habit of taking vitamin B Stress Complex daily again.

I have no confidence that I will do any better in the weight loss, health improvement areas of my life this year but this journey is never far from my mind.

I'm making no promises, no forecasts, no hard and fast rules. My life is what it is and I will do the best I can day by day.

This morning my weight was 85.8 kg/189 lbs which is 200 gm or 1/2 pound less than this time last year. It's also about 2 kg/4.5 pounds less than my weight last Wednesday morning after a long travel day.

All going well, I'll see you all back here tomorrow.

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