Friday, February 14, 2014


I'm a little bit naughty.

My daughter-in-law has a birthday soon .... within a month. We gave them the dining-room suite which John's father crafted 80 years ago. The oak sideboard sits in their front hallway and I immediately thought it needs a runner to protect the newly restored wood. A quilt runner is something I can make. Yesterday I began and because I like hand sewing that's what I'm doing. I really don't think it's the best therapy for my eye but I'm enjoying it.

Food wise I'm not terrible and not good either.

Having coconut coffee in the mornings and a strawberry, yoghurt and whey smoothie for lunch. Dinner is some kind of meat or other protein and veggies and then I snack on nuts, cheese and whatever.

Not counting calories or anything right now.

I am back into listening to podcasts and reading stuff so I think I am beginning to feel motivated again to be more pro-active.

One thing bothers me. I have several blogs. My main one gets comments from a dear friend who is at least partly responsible for me getting into the grain-free/paleo/primal lifestyle. Now she keeps telling me not to bother with nutritional ketosis. She has successfully lost and maintained around 30 pounds and looks great. I have lost twice that and still have a long way to go to be a healthy weight. Mentally I do not cope well with her slightly bossy comments. I know they are meant to encourage me to 'just eat healthy real food.' But I keep having a negative reaction to her comments. 

Without being disrespectful of her health quest no-one should consider that what works for them will work for another person. What's more a person who only needed to lose 30 pounds is very different from a person who needs to lose more than 100 pounds. Some of the principles may be the same but individual differences are huge. My friend had a wake-up call when she became pre-diabetic with a family history of diabetes. I have never been close to diabetic. The one thing that probably contributed to my steady weight gain was wheat and the hidden damage it was causing. The other cause is stress. 

I hate saying I've not had an easy life as an adult because there are so many people who would laugh in my face and tell me I have it 'cushy.' But there are things which I would never put in a public forum. Believe me when I say I have been stunned by the stuff that a well educated, middle class family can hide behind close doors. One of my main tasks has been to face the truth and open doors within our family. 

It looks as though if I want to be in nutritional ketosis I will be saying very little on my main blog. I will be talking about it here as it seems to be the only safe place at present. I find that sad. 

My age and sex and life stressors are probably making it more difficult for me to lose more weight. In fact, while losing weight is desirable, that is no longer my main concern. Nutritional ketosis offers me far more in the way of mental and emotional health as well as general well-being.

Over the next few days I am preparing myself to be on nutritional ketosis once more. We have no major stuff on the horizon so I can focus on becoming a fat burner. 

I seem to have been waffling all over the place for the last few months. I want to stop doing that and be absolutely clear about what I am doing. For that reason this journal will record my journey back into nutritional ketosis and how this impacts my health and daily life. 

In other words I'm restoring the original purpose and focus of this journal.

I want to say it's not easy getting my head in a place where I carry through the discipline require to get into nutritional ketosis. I've done it before and I know what it takes. That alone causes me to be cautious about any claims I make right now.

One thing I am doing is increasing the amount of protein from what I was eating when last in nutritional ketosis. I'm fairly certain I verged on adrenal fatigue. Experience shows me that I need to be careful with carbs. I believe Kris Kresser does not really count most vegetable carbs except the starchy ones. Maybe that will help me eat better.

The plan today is to have something with eggs and salad for dinner and count and record all my snacks. That usually means I will not slide into random snacking which I do not need.

Here goes the beginning of the end of weight loss.

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